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Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

Whether your Jordan, Jay-Z, or Brett Favre, if you’re coming out of retirement, you better make sure you know what the hell you’re doing. Come back too late, and you can end up playing for the Wizards gettin’ schooled by 19 year olds (KOBE for President!), come back too often and the only way you can still grab people’s attention anymore is by sending penis pics to a smoking-hot Jets reporter. So when you announce that you are ready to make a comeback, you better not let people down.

Several months back we announced the Black Nine2Five and unfortunately, due to a production line that was not up to our standards, we had to pull the plug. Therefore when we say that the Black Nine2Five will FINALLY be available next month, we toe the line carefully. The last thing we want to do is “cry wolf” one to many times and star in the next Wrangler Jeans commercial, I mean that U-Shape stuff is bullshit right?

The Black Nine2Five will be made using 100% Genuine leather and have the same fit and size as the Coffee & Cream Nine2Five. Additionally, it will feature the same zero drop, wide toe box design that Lems has become known for. Unlike the origina Nine2Five, that had a contrasting sole, the black Nine2Five will be entirely black giving your foot a more professional look.

No longer do you need to get your grind on with the hot bridesmaid while wincing in pain and when that temp job comes to an abrupt end with Harver, Harver and Lewis, well, at least your feet won’t be on fire (Probably a better punch line in there somewhere, but it’s Monday so give me a break.)

With the arrival of the Black Nine2Five will also come a replenished stock of the Coffee & Cream version as well. You’re welcome World.

Wide toe, zero drop, all black everything.

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