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1. Read More: I think we all wish we read more. An Amish man once told me, “You know what ruined your society, television.” I don’t think he could be any more right. Instead of living our lives, we watch the Kardashians, Bachelors, and Survivors live theirs. We exist within the confines of television, computer, and phone screens when millions of worthwhile and exciting texts await.

2. Remember your childhood: Children live by different rules than us. They live in a different world than us. One where imaginary friends are invited to dinner nightly. One where a bowl of ice cream is not counted by the number of calories but by the number of sprinkles on top. Go to a little league game and watch the players as they completely give themselves and their emotions to the game without a single care in the world.

3. Work with your hands: If even just for a day. Get out of the office, close the computer, and do some physical labor. Too often we lose the appreciation of the dollar bill and what it means to do your own yard work instead of hiring someone to do it for you. By doing it yourself, it will look that much better and the beer afterward will taste that much cooler.

4. Call someone instead of texting them: Relationships have become an afterthought in our technologically driven lives. We hold conversations now via text and most of our language has changed into acronyms that are easier to type (BRB, OMG, LOL). A phone call is a sincere gesture. It shows the other person that there is nothing else you would rather be doing at that moment than talking to them, oh and not to mention, you will actually hear the sound of the other person’s voice.

5. Reconnect with an old friend: Over time we all lose touch with friends. We go to different colleges, we relocate for jobs, we have families. Eventually your priorities are no longer hanging out with your friends but your family/significant other and that “Best Friend Forever” is now an acquaintance whom you call on holidays. Shoot an old buddy a call, bring up old memories, allow yourself to become nostalgic.

6. Compete for Something: A race, a promotion, a woman’s heart. Competition is good for all of us. It allows us to reach our highest potential and continue to push ourselves to the edge. Sure, we don’t win them all, but win or lose, competition allows us to learn something about ourselves and grow with the experience.

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