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In honor of Denver officially being ranked the number one place to live in the country, I figured why not highlight the state as a whole. Coming up with only 50 reasons why Colorado is awesome was pretty difficult, considering the perks of residing here are infinite. So here’s some reasons (out of a million) why Colorado is such a kick-ass place to live.

50. The Rocky Mountains. Need I say more?

49. Four seasons. And they’re all pretty awesome.

48. Green laws.

47. Everyone’s always happy.

46. And friendly.

45. We have an amphitheater built in the side of a mountain. Hey Red Rocks!

44. Outdoor concerts don’t just happen in the summer anymore.

43. Denver Broncos. Superbowl 50 Champions. Enough said.

42. Beer, beer and more beer. Colorado is home to over 200 breweries. Umm.. hello!!

41. Piggybacking on that, we have more microbreweries per capita than any other state.

40. About 30 around Boulder, alone. Lucky for us.

39. Illegal Pete’s. If you don’t know what that is, you should.

38. Health and fitness – aka we have the lowest obesity rate in the country.

37. Struggle with food allergies? No worries. Everywhere has gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and paleo options.

36. Wearing Lululemon leggings and a flannel is considered dressing up.

35. And hiking boots are basically equivalent to high heels.

34. Here’s Johnny! Jack Nicholson.. umm.. The Shining. That classic horror movie! The Stanley Hotel is up in Estes Park.

33. Did I mention Estes Park? Be nice to the elk.

32. The United States Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs. Thank you for your services!!

31. Speaking of America – Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” after seeing the view from Pikes Peak. COME ON! What could be more American than that?

30. Our cities don’t let trash pile up.

29. Which means we have arguably the freshest and cleanest air.

28. There’s 365 days a year. 300 of those days are full of sunshine.

27. Did I mention the beer?

26. How about the green laws.

25. Okay there’s no humidity.

24. What do you like better, Subway or Quizno’s? You better say Quizno’s.

23. How about Chipotle? Thanks for the OG, Denver!

22. We have a Garden.. of the GODS!

21. When you go hiking at dusk or dawn, you’re in constant fear of bears and mountain lions attacking you…

20. Talk about adrenaline pumping!

19. Ski resorts – Vail, Aspen, Breck, Copper Mountain, Winter Park, the list goes on…

18. Powder days.

17. Never ending hiking trails. Say goodbye to leg day at the gym!

16. Rocky Mountain National Park. That one’s self explanatory.

15. We have a pretty kick-ass looking state flag.

14. Which means people actually represent it.

13. And like it.

12. The man, the myth, the legend – Peyton Manning. Chicken parmy tastes so good.

11. Reduce, reuse, recycle. If you don’t, people judge you. Yeah environment!

10. No plastic surgery here. Everyone’s just hot.

9. Multiple feet of snow in the mountains. Tank tops and shorts in the cities. What? Yeah, it happens.

8. No need for a hot tub – the hot springs let you experience one of the state’s most surreal phenomena: sitting outside in your bathing suit, or nothing, even though it’s blizzard-ing. AND it’s natural.

7. The Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

6. Street performers are always out in full swing. You know that contortionist? He’s out. Everyday. In the same spot. Shit never gets old.

5. Olympians train here. Have you worked out in high elevation? HA try it and let me know how in shape you really are.

4. We start trends! Crocs? Yup, it happened. And it originated here.

3. Fifty-eight 14ers. Don’t know what that means? Look it up.

2. The Ocean. Yep, I said it.

1. Lems HQ is here now which is the best reason of all, duh!

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