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Mariner Sonora Release

Posted by Audrey Smith on Apr 5th 2016

Tomorrow, Thursday April 7, we will be releasing our all new and improved Mariner (Gen. 2) in color Sonora! As the weather warms up, this new and improved Mariner style will without a doubt leav

April Fools Day

Posted by Audrey Smith on Mar 31st 2016

Today we reminisced about old April Fools Day pranks and jokes we played on other people, had done to each other, or at least witnessed.Let's start out with Steven Michael Francis Perna, the fir

Lems Shoes Takes on Zion

Posted by Audrey Smith on Mar 18th 2016

Our good friend Charlie Keating took a road trip with some of his friends to Zion from Phoenix, Arizona- bringing his Boulder Boots and Mariners along for the ride.Our good friend Charlie Keating

50 Reasons Why Colorado is Awesome

Posted by Audrey Smith on Mar 3rd 2016

In honor of Denver officially being ranked the number one place to live in the country, I figured why not highlight the state as a whole. Coming up with only 50 reasons why Colorado is awesome was

5 Breathtaking Hikes Near Boulder, CO

Posted by Audrey Smith on Feb 16th 2016

Need to switch up your daily gym routine? Don't feel like going for a run today? Throw on your Lems and take a hike up the mountains. If you're near the Boulder area like us, try out one of these