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The Handshake

The handshake. How important is it you may ask? It is. Please read.I was with a group of friends this past weekend and we had just met a small group of people for the first time, and once we all got

Lems Brand Ambassador Program

Attention all Lems Lovers! We need YOU to apply for our Brand Ambassador Program so you can help us spread the word about happy, healthy feet and all the benefits of Lems Shoes! We're happy to a

Here's to Skinny Colorado!

Well Colorado, you’ve done it again. Maintaining the same record from 2015, Colorado has officially been deemed the skinniest state in the nation. Come on, how cool is that!The state of Colorado’s o

Primal 2 Teal + Violet

Back in January of 2016, we sent out a mass email to our customer base in order to get your input on new colors for our Primal 2. Out of the 12 options provided, Teal and Violet were the winners, b