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  • mcclanahan.jpg

    Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM

    Northwest Foot & Ankle - Portland, OR

    Dr. Ray McClanahan is the inventor of the innovative toe spacing device, Correct Toes. As a podiatric physician, Dr. McClanahan has been practicing for over 15 years in Portland, Oregon at his clinic Northwest Foot and Ankle. He leads a healthy lifestyle and enjoys running, often times during lunch breaks. Dr. McClanahan prides himself on giving each of his patients personal care and a thorough explanation of the root cause of their problem. Dr. Ray regularly runs in his Lems. In 2013 he completed the Hood to Coast Relay in his original pair of Lems. To see Dr. Ray's full bio click here.

  • cucuzzella.jpg

    Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, MD

    Natural Running Center - Shepherdstown, WV

    Dr. Cucuzzella is a family physician and an avid runner. Due to his interest in natural running and barefootness, Dr Cucuzzella founded Two Rivers Treads shoe store in Shepherdstown, WV. Additionally, he founded the Natural Running Center, an organization which shares information regarding natural running, minimalism, and healthy running and walking practices. The NRC currently has over 21 membership stores, 12 of which carry Lems Shoes

  • feldman.jpg

    Dr. Neil Feldman, DPM

    Central Massachusetts Podiatry - Worcester, MA

    Dr. Feldman is an accomplished foot and ankle surgeon. Avid Lems wearer and Ironman athlete, Dr. Feldman ensures the utmost care of his feet. His work on footwear and the implementation of minimalist characteristics into children's footwear has been featured in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Lems Shoes are available though Dr. Feldman's clinic, Central Massachusetts Podiatry.

  • campitelli.jpg

    Dr. Nick Campitelli, DPM

    Natural Running Center - Shepherdstown, WV

    Dr. Campitelli is a foot and ankle surgeon in Akron, Ohio. An avid long distance runner himself, Dr. Campitelli aims to fix runners' problems by teaching proper form and training techniques. Throughout his blog, Dr. Nick's Running Blog and newly published book, Running in a Minimalist Shoe , Dr. Nick strives to provide the proper education on foot functionality. Runners and walkers from all over the globe have traveled to Akron, Ohio to receive Dr. Campitelli's medical advice.

  • bransdon.jpg

    Tim Bransdon

    The Running Lab & Wollongong Podiatry - NSW, Australia

    Tim's Wollongong Podiatry clinic in Australia is built on rehabilitating and strengthening dysfunctional feet rather than supporting and increasing their weakness. Tim is the founder of The Running Lab, where running related injuries are addressed by going after the root cause of these injuries - mobility, strength and posture, footwear and technique. In The Running Lab you must change your poor postural and footwear habits in daily life before you can be an efficient runner. This is not possible without footwear that adheres to four simple principles: light, flat, flexible and the shape of the human foot.

  • schweitzer.jpg

    Dr. Eric Schweitzer, DPT

    Premier Run & Fit - St. Petersburg, FL

    Dr. Eric Schweitzer has been a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 14 years and is board certified in orthopaedic physical therapy. He is one of the few clinicians in the country that specializes specifically in running medicine including running injury prevention, running injury rehabilitation & running performance. Eric is certified as a Pose Running form coach as well as a certified manual therapist. Eric owns Premier Physical Therapy & Yoga in Clearwater. This is the only yoga studio in Tampa Bay where the yoga is guided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. His other clinic, Premier Run & Fit, is a running specific physical therapy clinic inside a retail running store, The St. Pete Running Company. Find more about Dr. Schweitzer at premierrunfit.com, Twitter: @RunTampaBay

  • drhoop.jpg

    Dr. Daniel Hoopes, MD

    Revere Health Orthopedic Surgery - Provo, UT

    As a former Cat 1/2 Pro Road Bicycle and Expert Mountain Bike racer, Dr. Hoopes understands the desire of an athlete to stay active and get back to their sport as soon as possible. At his Provo, UT clinic, he focuses on surgical and non-operative treatments of lower extremity injuries, especially those involving the foot and ankle. Dr. Hoopes completed fellowship training in Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgery at Harborview Medical Center/University of Washington in Seattle. He has a special interest and in-depth knowledge on chronic and acute running injuries and injuries in other endurance athletes such as cyclists. Dr. Hoopes is pioneering a way of thinking about and treating chronic injuries to runners that goes back to the roots of biomechanics and seeks to exploit the unique endowments of human physiology. While many try to treat and prevent injury with always more expensive and more complex shoes and other equipment, Dr. Hoopes looks to careful examination of form, examination of any muscular imbalances, and carefully targeted physical therapy. However, when non-surgical measures have proven ineffective, he skillfully performs operative treatment to get someone back on their feet.

  • hawrysh-skeleton-3.jpg

    Cassie Hawrysh

    Professional Skeleton Racer - Calgary, AB

    Cassie is a Canadian Canadian National Team Skeleton Racer who broke onto the international sliding scene in 2011 and was named as the alternate sled for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. With two World Cup medals, and a World Cup Team gold medal, this 2014 Canadian Champion and overall 2015 Intercontinental Cup bronze medalist is always pushing her edges. Born and raised in Brandon, Manitoba, Cassie began her athletic career as a varsity volleyball player for the University of Windsor Lancers (Windsor, Ontario.) and later transitioned into a multi-event track and field athlete - all while completing her B.A in Journalism from the University of Regina’s School of Journalism (Regina, Saskatchewan). Cassie and Lems Shoes found each other thanks to the worldwide connector of social media and it was an instant fit. Foot strength is paramount in the world of sliding sports (for the crucial element of the 50m push-start!) and as a way to help her feet stay strong and stable - Cassie wears her Lems whenever and wherever she can. Cassie passionately represents the maple leaf in her Lems around the world, with determination and perseverance she continues to chase the clock and challenge her way straight to the top of every mountain both on and off the ice!