Stem Footwear Status: Product Development

Posted by Andrew Rademacher on 9/26/2010

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I've had many fans message me asking when our shoe is going to be available.  To answer your question: our expected release date is August 2011, however we will be releasing spy photos and be sending out testing samples in the next 3 months.  Currently, our shoes are being developed with our manufacturers.  Look for press on our Shoe line over the next several months.

I have some great news about the development of our shoes: they will be like nothing else currently out there.  We cannot share all the details but I will tell you that the sole compound is specially developed for Stem Footwear to be remarkably flexible, lightweight, and ideal firmness and is not yet being used by any other shoe manufacturers in the market.  Also, the FIT (Last) of the shoe has been developed from the ground up specifically for Stem Footwear so it will fit unlike anything else out there, with a naturally W I D E toebox and closeness around the heel.  If you can't wait to see this shoe and try it on for yourself, then send me a message on our comment form and I will add you to our newsletter so you're the first to hear about Stem Footwear Status.
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American Children Off on the Wrong Foot

Posted by Andrew Rademacher on 9/25/2010

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When working as a shoe salesperson nothing is more emotionally raging than when a parent walks in and asks, "I want a supportive shoe for my child because I want him/her to have a healthy back and knees when he/she gets older."  This request comes up in every concerned parent.  They think they are taking care of their child's future, when in fact, they are doing just the opposite.  Concerned parents are so determined to get the most supportive and cushioned shoe for their child that there is absolutely no stopping them.  They are adamant that their children wear the "best shoe" with complete disregard for the realistic negative effects on development of their child's feet.  I've gotten into many heated debates with such parents but they are so brainwashed, there is no chance of talking sense into them.  And so as a result I, as the shoe salesperson, am forced to sell what the parent thinks is best for the child instead of what is best in reality.

Parents are under the false belief that children need just as much cushioning in the sole as adults.  What you don't realize is that putting the average one inch of cushioning under the heel in a child's shoe is like wearing high heels for a child.  The sad part is that the major shoe companies not only making these high heel shoes for children, but actually prescribing them as the best thing for them.  One inch under the heel in a child's shoe is actually a "modest amount" in the shoe market.  On a such a short shoe this heel cushioning results in a downward slope from the heel to the ball of the foot of more than 20 degrees and as much as 30 degrees in smaller sizes.  This means in order to stand upright the child has to slope their pelvis downward and arch their lower back.  More weight is bearing on the front of the knees and the spine is no longer in natural alignment but is drastically curved.  The more parents require their children to wear these shoes, the more this sloped pelvis position and back curvature permanently take hold.  As our children develop into teenagers and then into adults they begin to feel the painful effects of this unnatural positioning in their knees, back, and neck.

A life of joint and spine pain all because as children their parents wanted them to wear the "best shoes."  A word to all the parents out there "When shoes are necessary put the least amount of a shoe on your children's feet, a shoe with nothing to it."
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