Stem Footwear Status: Product Development

Posted by Andrew Rademacher on 9/26/2010 to Shoe News

I've had many fans message me asking when our shoe is going to be available.  To answer your question: our expected release date is August 2011, however we will be releasing spy photos and be sending out testing samples in the next 3 months.  Currently, our shoes are being developed with our manufacturers.  Look for press on our Shoe line over the next several months.

American Children Off on the Wrong Foot

Posted by Andrew Rademacher on 9/25/2010 to Shoe News
When working as a shoe salesperson nothing is more emotionally raging than when a parent walks in and asks, "I want a supportive shoe for my child because I want him/her to have a healthy back and knees when he/she gets older."  

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