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Meet Brad "The Bard" Maniscalco

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 2/28/2014

Who the Hell is Lems Shoes!?!?!?! 

Want to know more about those attractive faces posted all over the Lems Shoes website?? All this week, the blog posts will be featuring an interview with the different employees of Lems Shoes.  You're welcome world.

Brad Maniscalco
"The Bard"

Could you describe your position at Lems Shoes?
I'm that guy who calls, writes, and nags you asking for favors and free publicity while simultaneously trying to be funny and clever on our blog (we have two followers so clearly it isn't working).

Besides feet and footwear, what are your hobbies and interests?
Any sport.
Any food.
Any movie.
Any destination.

What did you like most about growing up in the 90’s?
I mean Salute your Shorts (Zeke the Plumber was some scary shit), Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Boy Meets World was some good programming, but GoGurt was the bees knees.  Literally just grab one of those bad boys on your way to the whiffle ball fields, slurp it down, and you’re hittin’ em out of the parking lot making all the school girls cry ;). 

What are 5 facts that Steve and Andrew may not know about you?
I memorized the Sweeney Todd soundtrack
I was the tallest kid in 8th grade (I topped out at 5'6")
I look like Kurt Warner's son
I was once the Pillsbury Doughboy for Halloween
I am highly indecisive (well.. maybe not)

What’s the hardest thing you have physically ever done? 
Milk Challenge....twice

If Lems Shoes was a high school, what would be your senior superlative?
Most likely to not like his senior superlative.

What is your favorite quote?
"Stay gold, ponyboy"

If you could be friends with one fictional character, who would it be?
Clifford.  Yeah, that's right, that big red mutt. 

What confuses you most about life?
Lindsey Lohan. 

What product would you like to see from Lems Shoes in the future?
Boulder Air Yeezy's

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Meet Steve "Buck" Perna

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 2/26/2014

Who the Hell is Lems Shoes!?!?!?! 

Want to know more about those attractive faces posted all over the Lems Shoes website?? All this week, the blog posts will be featuring an interview with the different employees of Lems Shoes.  You're welcome world.

Steven Michael Francis Perna

Could you describe your position at Lems Shoes?
If I had to describe my position in 4 words, I would say: Head Hat Wearer...What? That's only 3? Thank God, I didn't say accountant. Math never was my strongest subject. 

Besides feet and footwear, what are your 
hobbies and interests? 
Books, street art, woods and mountains and stuff, Sofia's Greek Bistro's hummus, craft beer, road trips, the four seasons, other humans, carrots, not NASCAR, hats, doing what I want...

What did you like most about growing up in the 90's? 
Calvin & Hobbes, plastic lunch boxes, the economy, freeze tag, Uncle Jesse's mullet, Starter jackets (Go Stillers!), pogs, the dial-up internet tone, Rocko's Modern Life, the phrase "da bomb", Michael Jordan, the innocence of childhood, basketball grudge matches vs. Matt Perna, and of course the life changing music that once rocked my soul.

List 5 facts about you that Brad and Andrew might not know about you.
   -As a child, I was quite accident prone. So much so that the E.R. nurses and doctors at the local hospital knew me on a first name basis without having to glance at my chart. I am   assuming they questioned my parental care, but rest assure my accidents were due to an adventurous spirit and mischievous mindset. Except that one time when my mother tried to convince me that my appendicitis was just a mere stomach ache. Thanks, Mom! 

   -I do not know how to grow up, but I sure as hell wish I did. 

    -I am a vegan but have a strange obsession with obnoxious food challenges. Ironically, if I'm not timed on eating a 3 pound pulled-pork po-boy, 1 pound of fries, a side of slaw, and 32 ounce coke, then I am usually the last to finish my meal. 

    -I was once mistaken for Teddy Geiger and almost rushed to a stage crowded with anxious teenage girls. Who is Teddy Geiger? 

    -Marvin Gaye and I share the same birthday. He was older and better looking, but I am a much better singer.  Find me some karaoke and I'll prove it.

What's the hardest thing you have physically ever done? 
I once attempted to eat corn chowder with chopsticks, on a waterbed, while watching an entire XFL preseason game. That was rather arduous. 

If Lems Shoes were a high school, what would be your senior superlative?   
Most likely to drink until I am someone else's problem

Do you have a favorite quote? 
"Not all those who wander are lost." 
                                            - J.R.R. Tolkien

If you could be friends with one fictional character who would be your choice? 
Andre the Giant. ... huh? Wait, you mean to tell me 7 and 1/2 foot tall, 520 pound men actually exist?! Well, in that case I will go with Dean Moriarty. 

What confuses you most about life? 
Barefoot Shoes. The thought of this obvious oxymoron gives me a migraine.  

What product would you like to see from Lems in the future? 
Kitten Mittens  

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Meet Andrew "Danger" Rademacher

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 2/24/2014

Who the Hell is Lems Shoes!?!?!?! 

Want to know more about those attractive faces posted all over the Lems Shoes website?? All this week, the blog posts will be featuring an interview with the different employees of Lems Shoes.  You're welcome world.

Andrew Rademacher

Could you describe your position at Lems Shoes? 
I do what I can in order to hang onto the reigns of the sleigh as it zooms through the sky dropping Lems' presents down the chimneys of boys and girls everywhere. 

Besides feet and footwear, what are your hobbies and interests? 
Snowboarding, Biking, Running, and everything else that isn’t a ball sport. God skipped me when giving out the gift of hand-eye coordination. 

What did you like most about growing up in the 90's? 
I got to experience the millennium at 15 years old riding down a ski slope on a hotel bathroom toilet seat. List 5 facts about you that people might not know about you. I was voted most gullible of my high school class I had a natural affinity with horticulture I regularly sketch my dream house I build a fire every wintery night I have a problem staying up late.

What's the hardest thing you have physically ever done?
 In my college days I completed a 40-mile mountain bike race; then the very next day I hiked Mt. Washington in Vermont: a total of 17 miles. For the next 4 days I had to walk down steps backwards! 

 If Lems Shoes were a high school, what would be your senior superlative? 
 Most Likely to be Easily Distracted. 

Do you have a favorite quote? 
 “We must burn the ships behind us” -Eric Sparks 

 If you could be friends with one fictional character who would be your choice? 
 Lloyd Christmas – Dumb & Dumber 

What confuses you most about life? 
 Why are we still conquering territories like it’s "Risk: The Game of World Domination?" 

What product would you like to see from Lems in the future?
I have a few: 1. a waterproof snow hiking boot. 2. a mountain biking cleat and 3. a soccer cleat
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Video Killed the Blogger

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 2/12/2014

If you want something done right do it yourself.  Or if you want something done cheap with little to no professional help, do it yourself. 


Working for a small business, you generally tend to wear many more hats than your job title implies, unless your job title is “The Man of Many Hats” AKA Steve Perna AKA The Vegan Vixen. 


For example, as Marketing/PR Coordinator, I have also dipped my hand into foot model, salesman, IT guy, janitor, and most recently Videographer/Editor. 


People love videos, Love ‘em.  They take much less thought to watch than reading this here blog post.  And if you’ve made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back for choosing this intellectual blog over watching the latest sing-along wedding proposal gone viral. 


Don’t get me wrong. No judgment over here.  I mean who wouldn’t rather watch four episodes of Community than read The Autobiography of Mark Twain.  And don’t lie to yourself either, Mr. I order Scotch at the bar when people are looking. 


So to appease all those out there who would much rather wilt away watching moving picture after moving picture instead of reading word after word, I give you the very first Lems Shoes’ Commercial. 


I would like to thank The Academy in advance. 

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My Precious!!!!

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 2/5/2014

Now although there may be some of you out there who simply read what I write due to your dedication to Lems or because you actually find me entertaining, most of the traffic is largely in part to my friends and family who I spam the shit out of until they eventually give in and read whatever I had to say. 

The sweet thing about blogging is usually there is a disconnect between the blogger and his/her audience.  I could tell Kanye West to kiss my ass without any hesitation because A.) He’ll never see it and B.) Off chance he does, there is no way I will be confronted about it. 

So when your audience also happens to be people you see every day, this disconnect disappears and you are often told to your face how much you suck.

So last Friday when I selflessly took the time to take pictures and explain to the Lems following how to appropriately measure your foot, the last thing on my mind was the fact that I was not a foot model. 

If I do say so myself, the post was great.  One of my best.  I threw in some humor referencing pop culture and celebrities while giving step by step instructions to surpass our confusing as hell sizing charts.  After I hit the “Save and Publish” button, I smiled to myself while “It’s a Wonderful World” played in the background and a little bird landed on my shoulder. 

I left work with a skip in my step and a whistle on my lips feeling good about myself, knowing I helped the hundreds of people out there who call in asking about our sizing….I pull into my driveway and immediately I am greeted by my roommates (ahem, my parents) who happened to read the post from earlier that afternoon.

Instead of “Hello, how was your day” from my mother, she approached me with “Brad, you could have used someone else’s feet.  Goodness, you should probably shave those things.” 

I shrug it off yet not 5 minutes later my sister walks out of her room and says, “Hey Frodo, how’s Gandalf?”  This little smug reference pissed me off and after we exchanged insults back and forth for awhile, I went back to the blog to analyze the pictures I posted. 

The conclusion I came to is this, yes I have small, hairy feet but as my sister pointed out, so did Frodo.  And you know what that Mother F’er did?  He traveled all the way to Mordor and tossed that Son of a Bitch ring into the fire saving Middle Earth from total damnation!

So next time all of you average foot guys are checking out the sales rack at your local shoe store and get depressed because all they have are size 8’s left, you remember us small foot guys, as we drive home laughing with bags full of the latest styles at discount prices! 

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The Football Season Had Ended.. Thank God!

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 2/3/2014

With one last thumb lick of sauce from the sixty Buffalo wings I inhaled last night and one last sip of beer, the football season came to an end faster than Peyton Manning could say, “Omaha”. With it comes the conclusion of 17+ consecutive Sunday afternoons filled with nothing but staring at a flat screen TV from morning to night with the occasional visit to the kitchen/bathroom. 

It has almost become an obligatory duty as an American man to watch football all day Sunday whether your favorite team is playing or not. Scheduling any plans on Sunday has become a mortal sin and god forbid if you show up to work on Monday and are unable to give your input on the games from the previous day. 

Additionally, when you find yourself in the all too awkward position of meeting a guy for the first time the conversation always falls to football and if you have trouble naming off the top 10 pass rushers of the season thus far, you might as well walk into the kitchen with the women as they discuss which Kardashian is in the news this week. 

Your reputation as a male is directly related to your football knowledge and with SportsCenter running 600 episodes a day and Grantland releasing a new article every six seconds, it can get pretty tiresome. 

To set the record straight, I absolutely love football. Everything about it. The passion, the hits, the tweets, the drama, yet, with games being played three days a week, it has almost become an endless chore to keep up with all of the action as the season progresses. 

To further explain this conundrum, let me give you a weekend in the life. After a long work week of answering E-mails and tweeting about shoes, I generally find myself in a bar 7 beers deep on Friday nights singing Dog Days are Over at the top of my lungs. Obviously this never leads to the most productive Saturdays and instead of the trip to the bank or grocery store, I end up either crying myself through a very average workout, or if the 7 beers turned into 7 shots, the workout will be replaced with General Tso’s and Tivo. Hours progess which is more than I can say for my hangover and finally night comes as does the hour that it is socially acceptable to go to bed on a Saturday. By the time I wake up, Sunday is here and Tivo is replaced with Shannon Sharpe in a bow tie and Chris Berman rattling off statistics as he gasps for air. 

In order to fulfill my responsibilities as a male, I force myself to sit in front of the television (which is where the previous day was spent) keeping up with all of the scores and updates, throwing any potential errands or duties I had planned for that weekend out the door. Oh, some guy is throwing 100-dollar bills out his window down the street you say? Sorry football is on and Bill from accounting is definitely going to ask me what I thought about the Raiders defensive schemes.

So goes mine and most guys weekends from the end of August to the beginning of February. Besides Christmas and a more than likely disappointing New Years Eve, these four months are a blur with nothing to be said about bettering oneself than meager statistics that will simply be thrown away with next seasons opening kickoff. 

The end of the football season is a relief. I don’t care who you are or what you say, as men, we finally find ourselves with free time, allowing ourselves to get to those things we were never able to attend to while Erin Andrews appeared on our television screens. 

Finally weekends can be used for other things besides wasting away in man caves and living rooms. Men are finally allowed to go outside on a Sunday afternoon to see whether it rained or not. We are finally allowed to plan a weekend trip and other family members finally get the confirmation that yes, we are still alive and well. 

So although last night probably ended with Peyton weeping in Archie’s arms I give a sigh of relief and the butt imprint on my couch slowly diminishes. 

So men, don’t fret but celebrate! Go outside. Widdle a chair from nothing. Pick up that guitar. Go catch a fish with your bare hands. The end of Football Season has arrived and with it, so has your social life!!
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