Lems Shoes Sizing Help

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 1/31/2014

The Official Lems Shoes Guide to Getting the Right Frickin' Size!!

 Ok, Ok, we get it.  Our sizing charts are confusing as hell.  We know it and we’re not proud of it.

There are lots of people out there who are interested in Lems but as soon as they get to our sizing chart, they back out faster than Dustin Diamond in a Celebrity Boxing Match. 

I imagine the thought process of a potential customer to go something like this…


Miley Cyrus sitting at her computer trying to think of a clever Tweet about her tongue:

“Man, it’s hard to twerk and browse the Internet at once…good thing I’m not chewing a piece of gum also.”

She happens to glance at the ads to the right and sees something for Lems Shoes….

“So I put my hands up, playing my.....what the hell is a Lems?, What a weird ass logo, kinda looks like a tongue..”

Click.  Wait. Click. Wait.

With tongue out, “Oh man, those shoes look pretty cool.  Never seen anything like those before. Comfortable and I can roll them up into a ball, I bet I could twerk really well in these things!!

Click..wait...click....Checks herself out in the mirror while taking a nude selfie…

“Price is a little steep for tennis shoes but I guess they are designed for maximum comfort and use some cool technological rubber.  What the hell, daddy's, Achey Breaky Heart is still collecting royalties out the ass…Let’s do it!!”

Click...wait..click...30th text to the fake number Madonna gave her....

“Ughhhh what is this weird sizing thing..F this. I’ll just keep twerking in my stilettos”.

Yeah we get it Miley.  Sizing is confusing.  And although you may not be the brightest bulb, we feel those with a little more, ok a lot more, intelligence may have trouble as well.  So I thought, since it’s Friday and I have nothing better to do than watch Rihanna and Shakira dance all over each other, I would help all of the Lems Customers out there who have had millions of questions about our sizing and maybe limit the amount of angry E-mails Steve gets. 

So without further ado, I give you the Step by Step guide to Lems Shoes Sizing...

 To find your proper sizing all you will need are:

 1 Piece of Blank Paper

1 pencil or pen or marker or piece of chalk or bloody finger

1 Foot (your own foot)

1 Ruler


 Step 1:

Place your foot in the middle of the paper and using your writing utencil trace the outside of your foot.


 Step 2:

After you are done tracing, take the ruler from the outermost part of your heel, all the way to the top of your longest toe.  Find the length, in inches or centimeters, like so.


Decide what shoe you are looking to order and refer to our highly confusing sizing chart.  (Sure we claim easy returns but we never said easy orders……..Shitty joke I know)


Determine the next size up in inches or centimeters from what your foot measured. Match the inches with the European Shoe Size, and you should be good to go!!

For example, my foot measured 9.25" so if I was ordering a Primal 2, the next measurement up would be 9 1/3 " which is equivalent to a Men's 40....Make Sense??? 

*Note: Please disregard the Hairy Hobbit Foot model used in all of these images.   

Hope this helped and if not, well then call Steve and bother him. 

As always, Live Easy and Minimal….

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Egoscue to the Rescue!!

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 1/29/2014

“Live Easy and Minimal” .  It’s on our shirts, it’s on our stickers and by simply visting our blog, you have probably seen this quotation multiple times as you navigated our website.  Maybe some of you understand our reasoning behind this motto, or maybe some of you have glanced at it without even thinking twice. 

So sit back and let me enlighten you.  The reasoning behind Live Easy and Minimal is pretty self explanatory, but why would a shoe company base their entire process around it?

In today’s world, people have become obsessed with the latest inventions and technological advances (Hey, let’s camp out for 3 days outside of Best Buy waiting for a new IPhone!?!?!)  

Television, word of mouth, and the Internet fills our brains with advertisements and news about “innovations” and often times we buy into them because “experts say it works” or because our friends and family members swear by it.  Other times the extent of research we do on these products we buy is simply reading one or two positive reviews on Yelp or Amazon.  Take Moonshoes for example, who the hell ever thought those were a good idea?

Our feet are like the Chuck Norris’s of our bodies.  They can handle shit.  They don’t need any special “orthotics” or “gel cushions” to help them get through the day, and if we never evolved into the sensitive yuppies we have become, we wouldn’t think twice about sprinting through a gravel pit.  With that being said, Lems strives to bring us back to the bad asses our ancestors used to be by using a shoe that only has the bare essentials.

The Egoscue  Method takes the same approach to chronic pain.  Toss those meds and pain relievers down the drain, because just like Egoscue says, your design isn’t flawed, your posture is.  The Egoscue Method is comprised of a series of personalized stretches and gentle exercises that are designed to help realign one's posture and help restore physical ability.

Chris Kussof, the Director at Egoscue Orange County has not only transformed his body but has helped numerous clients alleviate mental, physical, and emotional pains.  Not only does Chris and his staff kick pain’s butt, but he and his staff do it wearing none other than Lems Shoes.  Check out the newsletter below to learn more about Egoscue and how Lems’ has helped Chris’ staff and patients. 

We Love Lems Shoes
Lems Shoes are designed with both proper fit and function in mind, serving as very beneficial minimalist shoes. Allowing the foot to keep its natural shape while providing enough room for the toes to wiggle is what makes Lems our shoes of choice at The Orange County Egoscue Clinic. The flexible design allows for full-range of movement without the addition of added material or gimmicks. Our team was given the opportunity to try Lems Shoes, and we couldn't be happier with our experiences. 

"I have been a fan of Lems Shoes for years. Also being a huge fan of Vibram FiveFingers, I wanted to find a pair of shoes that would give me the same free feel. I still have my first pair of Lems from four years ago! The build quality is great, and they seem to get even more comfortable with age. I do all my activities in the shoes -- yoga, running, and hiking. I want to thank Lems for making such an awesome shoe!"

                                                                                                - Chris Kussoff
"My Lems (Primal 2) are super comfortable for walking, running, and working out. I like to wear them loose, and I feel like I have free range of motion in my feet and ankles. I love that I still feel the minimal support needed and have more connection to the ground."

-Marian Caramanzana

"As a free-spirited dancer who prefers being barefoot, I am proud to say that I have found comfort and stability in Lems Shoes. I ordered the "Womens' Primal 2 Black" style (which is vegan-friendly), and was immediately drawn to the intricate, yet simple and flexible design. The fit is unlike any shoe I've ever worn, providing enough room for my toes to spread and flex inside the front portion of the shoe. I've found that these shoes are perfect for walking, jogging, hiking, and even dancing, all the while allowing my feet to feel rooted to the earth. My feet never feel restricted inside Lems Shoes, but the quality material provides enough support to make me feel comfortable walking on rocky terrain. Whether I am taking a long walk with my dog, making a quick trip to the market, or instructing a fitness class at work, Lems Shoes are my first choice for both comfort and function.

-Desiree Patterson

If you would like to learn more about Egoscue Methods, find a clinic in your area, or even get a free posture evaluation please visit, www.egoscue.com 
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Look Ma! We're on TV!!

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 1/27/2014

Here at Lems Shoes, we try to be as transparent as possible with our customers.  We try to be as honest as possible about all of our operations and believe the relationship we build with our fans is of the utmost importance.  We have come a long way from the origins of the company back in 2010 however we still work in a back room (as well as live in our parents basements).  

We take every day as it comes and slowly but surely, we believe we are working to become the company and brand we imagine progressively! 

This past week we were fortunate enough to be covered by Youngstown Based CBS Affiliate WKBN! Thank you to Josh for the story and we hope you all enjoy!!  Next stop Good Morning America!!  


Look for more updates in the future and please continue to check our Facebook and Twitter for great statuses, awesome pics, and updates from Lems Shoes!! 
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Sup' Hov?

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 1/15/2014

For the record, I am going to milk the shit out of living in New York for the past three years.  It makes me sound much more impressive and pretentious than I really am and gives woman something to think about besides my uncanny resemblance to a Hobbit. 

So when a friend or colleague plans a last minute trip to New York, let's fly by the seat of our pants and do this shit.

With that being said, Steve and I are heading to the Big Apple to hang out with some friends, sell some shoes and according to the Vegan eating Steve... eat this. (All the kid eats is carrots but will literally devour any food challenge thrown his way.... yeah I don't get it either.)

That smug little bastard smiling the entire way

While the arrival is highly anticipated, the trip is not as the Megabus has often been referred to as “hell on wheels”. When this “service” originated, they prided themselves on $1 bus fares and wireless Internet; but flash-forward to three years later and a seat on this two-decker nightmare with a baby screaming in your face and cig burns on the headrests costs about 150 bucks.   So keep posted as I plan to rant on about the discomfort and anxiety I’m guaranteed to experience for the eight hour duration. Until then, enjoy some pictures of cool shoes. Laturrrrrr



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New Year, New Designs!

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 1/13/2014

New Year means new designs for Lems Shoes!!

I’ve never been a good cook, but after moving back to Pennsylvania to work for Lems Shoes, I decided it was time to learn.  It was apparent that I was going to have some newly-found downtime in my life; I mean Hermitage, Pennsylvania’s social scene consisting of Biker Bars and Applebees’ is a little different than New York’s. While moving back in with my parents was a bit of an adjustment, I embraced the transition and welcomed the newly found downtime that came with living in a small suburban town.  I would finally be able to learn all of those skills that always took a backseat to bar hopping and Netflix subscriptions.  I was finally going to learn hot to widdle, restore classic cars, and become the cook that would finally win over Giada's heart.   

As I previously mentioned, besides an excellent piece of toast and a scrambled egg, cooking was never my strong point. (Simply ask my old roommates and they will admit that while they were whipping up Chicken Parmesan and Fish Tacos, I was pouring raw oatmeal, a scoop of protein, and milk into a bowl,which they would eventually deem “Slop”, stirring it up and throwing it down the hatch without thinking twice). 

So with my move back home, I decided that I would finally learn how to master the art of the kitchen. Yet, after a lemon-meringue disaster and an extremely “blackened” salmon, my hopes were diminished and just as quickly as I adopted my new hobby, I abandoned it for good.

Although my metaphor may be a stretch and simply an excuse to talk about myself, I'm gonna throw it out there: the recipe for success is a tricky one (Recipe/Success, you get it).  Just like cooking, in developing new footwear, you often start with a recipe (Ok, ok, its a shitty metaphor.. get over it).  You may know exactly what the ingredients are and exactly how to make it, but for some reason, it often turns out a little different than you imagined.    Although you have an idea of what that finished "dish" is supposed to look like, and although you are confident you followed all of the steps correctly, there often seems to be a little too much lemon or not enough salt (Yeah, this metaphor sucks). 

After several original designs: see the Primal 1 and the Original Stem shoe, I believe we have developed many styles that our customers are extremely satisfied with. The Boulder Boot has quickly become our number one seller, while the Primal 2 is in a close second.  Although there are still some sizing issues and a defective pair here and there, we have made some significant progress from when Andrew began researching footwear in 2010.  

Without all of our loyal customers who chose to take a chance on a small startup shoe company, none of this would have been possible and we cannot express our gratitude for the patience and understanding you have shown us as we aim to offer the best footwear possible! 

With that being said, the time has come to begin developing new styles in both the Boulder Boot and the Primal 2!!  Although specific details are super secret hush hush and I have been sworn to secrecy, (FYI I have no backbone, odds are that any type of bribe would probably get you all of the information I know) I can say that Andrew is currently at our warehouse in China talking with the manufacturers and getting about a dozen new samples made!! 

So if you find yourself wishing there were more options available through Lems Shoes, simply sit back and comfort yourself in the fact that those new designs and colors are comin’ in and they’re coming in hot!!!! 

If you have a suggestion, or something you would like to see in the future, feel free to comment at the end of this post and we’ll see if we can accommodate you in the future! Meanwhile, have a good week and enjoy some pictures from Andrew in China!

Entrance to the Mold Factory

Mold Machine poppin' out some new Lems! 

Outsole cutting machine in action!

Carpool Lane

Billy-the man, the myth, the outsole expert!
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New Years Resolution Solution!

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 1/3/2014

New Years Resolution Solution
Usually, during this time of year, we all promise to make changes for the better.  We look at where we have come from and where we would like to go from this point.  Many of us, after two weeks of binge eating and running through stores with tunnel vision with no disregard for the old woman in the walker, resolve that 2014 is finally the year we get into shape and start being nicer.  And as quickly as we resolved to become better, we fall into the black hole of laziness and anger we have grown to know and love.  With that I give you the two-too common, resolutions that often fall short.  

#1.) I promise to finally sign up for a gym and get into shape

There are two times of the year when the gym becomes unbearable: The waning weeks of May and New Years.  The end of May finds people rushing to the gym to try and get in as many Stairmaster sessions and crunches as possible before that all too close departure for the beach.  Realizing that they did not plan nearly enough time or salads for their goal, this realization eventually leads to people succumbing to the fact that they are not going to have that washboard stomach they planned on at the beginning of beach season, and the decision to take every shirtless picture with the "non-apparent" sucking in of the gut.  

The other time of the year when people swarm to the gym in droves is the week of January 2nd.  After two weeks of scarfing down seconds of Aunt Bea’s ham, washing it down with a dozen of Grandma’s buckeyes, and gargling it with store-bought EggNog, people tend to feel a little more “jiggly” this time of year.  Those of us who are active and enjoy outdoor activities (give yourself a pat on the back Lem’s Customers) are usually able to zip up those pants after a week or two of being on track.  

However; everyone has to start somewhere and there are many people who promise that the first of the year, (“ugh gym’s not open? Ok ok, the second of the year”), they will finally shed a few pounds and the same resolution they made a year before finally feels right this time around.  They take their shirtless “before” selfie picture in the mirror before heading to TJ Maxx to load up on Nike Dri-Fit shirts then head to the gym just like the thousands of others who have finally decided to break a sweat.

The gym becomes filled with unfamiliar faces and awkward exercises.   Almost every machine is occupied, which include the weird open and close leg machines and the line for the treadmills is out the door.  Meanwhile, half of the clientele are walking around like lost puppies, while the meatheads “happened” to wear their extra small tank tops and brought their extra large water jugs just to ensure everyone knows who the real bosses are in the place.  Day after day, the “resolutioners” slowly diminish like a sniper is up in the rafters until the gym returns to normal thus making 2015 the year for Physical change!!  

“It was a good run guys (literally), I made it a full two weeks, now pass over the twinkies and remote.”

 #2 I Will Live Life to the Fullest

It just seems so easy.  We have heard the quote before, “When the first of the year comes, I am going to quit wasting time and start enjoying life!” Of course you are little buddy! However; this little testament is much easier said than done people.  Sure January 2nd is pretty easy, you finally made it into the gym and although they had a weird in and out leg machine and there were a lot of muscular guys that seemed to be wearing their sister’s sports-bras, you made it through an entire 45 minutes of blood, sweat, and tears.  You come home, with a skip in your step, whistling your favorite tune, noticing you have a missed call from Aunt Bea.  Because this is the year of change, you decide to call her back to thank her for the amazing ham and to ask about her day.  Finally instead of countless hours of Facebook Stalking, you put the laptop on the shelf and pick up the one book you own while simultaneously turning off the Justin Bieber Pandora station and opting into the Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Station.  Ahh in 24 hours the amount of sophistication within your life has increased tenfold.  This is going to be the year you become a better person, and this is the year you will finally do all of those things that you have always wanted to try.

It all seems too perfect.  It was way too easy to do all of those constructive things in a span of 24 hours and it seems like the next 364 days are going to be a breeze.  Maybe the next few days are and life seems to be going very smooth.  2014 has become your year!  But around the corner, right underneath the surface is that catalyst we all run into when we aim at trying to better ourselves.  This so called “catalyst” comes in many forms.  

Often times, it takes the form of a new TV show on “Netflix” that you heard your friend say was “amazeballs” and you cannot live another minute of your life without watching.  You say to yourself, “Well I have an hour before I have to pick Aunt Bea up for crochet class and I kicked yesterday's butt, so maybe I’ll reward myself with an hour.”  Next thing you know you snap out of your "Dawson's Creek" blackout only to realize you are 8 episodes deep, your fingers are bright orange from the Cheetos, and there are a dozen missed calls from Aunt Bea. 

Or maybe the catalyst comes in the form of a friend persuading you to come out for “one” drink to celebrate their recent promotion.  “Of course!” you say, while thinking to yourself, “If I want to be a better person I need to be more selfless and start celebrating the lives of others. So I must go out!”

Well that one drink slowly turns into two, three, four, and the next thing you know you are taking body shots off of the single mom at the end of the bar and Def Leppard is blasting on the jukebox.  The night abruptly comes to an end in the Taco Bell drive-thru and you have a half eaten Taco Bell family pack in your lap with fire sauce smeared all over your face. 

The next day hangover causes you to skip the gym, ignore Aunt Bea, and eat anything deep-fried, simultaneously putting an abrupt end to Beethoven’s 9th and any skip your step may have had.  Thereby throwing that resolution out the window and becoming optimistic about 2015.....

I don't write this post to get you down about the potential and optimism you have about any resolution you have made this year.  Quite the contrary. 

The moral of the story kids is to get a helmet, because just like life, New Years Resolutions are tough.  We make them every year because they are so darn hard to stick too. 365 days is a long time and by setting the bar so high, we are inevitably setting ourselves up for failure.

Make a resolution, but realize that it will be broken whether it be two days of 364 days from now.  Don’t aim at perfection.  If your resolution is to get in shape, start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator everyday.  If your resolution is to eat healthier, start by eliminating sodas.  Finally, quit putting so much pressure on yourself.  Tolstoy said it best (I happened to stumble across a quote book in the men’s bathroom a few weeks ago), “If you want to be happy, be.”  So grab the bull by the horns, but make sure you have padded the floor around it!! 

Happy 2014 Lems Customers! No pressure!

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