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Posted by Administrator on 1/12/2012

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If you don't know Justin Owings, he's the owner of  He's the one that gets all the future VFF styles before everyone else.  Read what he thinks of Stem Footwear:  "Recently, Tim reviewed the men's Stem Footwear Primal Origins shoe. Tim's take was pretty positive and for good reason: Stem Footwear is manufacturing an exciting product that has been making waves in the "barefoot" or minimalist shoes movement for its comfort and overall foot friendliness. That they fit a niche of a foot-healthy shoe for casual wear (and even running for some), makes them all the more attractive for consideration as an addition to your min-shod closet...Stem is getting a good bit of press here on BirthdayShoes and while I've pointed out a few nits above in this review, my overall take on these shoes is glowingly positive: if you're looking for a casual mono-toed barefoot/minimalist shoe, the Stems are worth serious consideration."
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Posted by Andrew Rademacher on 1/4/2012

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I've been in touch with Justin Owings, founder of since January 2011.  His site arguably has the largest minimalist shoe follower base of the entire inter-webs.  Back in May he did a review and youtube video of our prototypes.  It was responsible for gathering much of our initial steam.  About two months ago I sent Tim, one of his colleagues, one of our final production shoes.  After several weeks of testing he released his impressions.  Read it here 
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