The Handshake

Posted by Audrey Smith on 10/18/2016 to How To Guides
The handshake. How important is it you may ask? It is. Please read.

Lems Brand Ambassador Program

Posted by Audrey Smith on 9/22/2016 to Cool Stuff
Attention all Lems Lovers! We need YOU to apply for our Brand Ambassador Program so you can help us spread the word about happy, healthy feet and all the benefits of Lems Shoes!

Here's to Skinny Colorado!

Posted by Audrey Smith on 9/9/2016 to How To Guides

Well Colorado, you’ve done it again. Maintaining the same record from 2015, Colorado has officially been deemed the skinniest state in the nation. Come on, how cool is that!

Primal 2 Teal + Violet

Posted by Audrey Smith on 8/25/2016 to Primal 2
Back in January of 2016, we sent out a mass email to our customer base in order to get your input on new colors for our Primal 2. Out of the 12 options provided, Teal and Violet were the winners, by a long shot!

End of Summer Gear Giveaway!!!

Posted by Audrey Smith on 8/16/2016 to Cool Stuff

Adventure Stuffs x Lems Shoes

Posted by Audrey Smith on 8/3/2016 to Travel
Adventure Stuffs is a group of young professionals who are passionate about traveling and storytelling. We've teamed up with them on their 2016 summer road trip around the country to some of the most beautiful destinations. Check out their journey through their eyes and see of their outstanding work that they've been sending over to us each week!

Best Leather Reviews the Nine2Five

Posted by Audrey Smith on 7/25/2016 to Nine2Five
J. Washburn, of Best Leather, reviewed the Lems' Nine2Five. He decided to try the shoes out for the past seven weeks prior to writing his review. See what he has to say!

7 Reasons to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

Posted by Audrey Smith on 7/20/2016 to Cool Stuff
There's quite a lot of myths and half-truths when it comes to what being a "minimalist" really is. It's not about moving out of your house and living out of a box on the street, which is what some people think. Wrong! It's about eliminating excess in your life to make room for the important things - physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

International Day of Yoga

Posted by Audrey Smith on 6/21/2016 to How To Guides
Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has deemed June 21st the International Day of Yoga. He stated this day of importance, as "yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition." Not a hardcore yogi? Check out these 5 steps to help you get there. 

Lems Worldwide

Posted by Audrey Smith on 6/8/2016 to Travel
If you're like us here at Lems, we have a passion for traveling and are on a mission to see the world. However, while we're in our office here in Boulder (which is a great place to be, don't get me wrong) most of our fans and ambassadors are sending us some pretty awesome pictures of where they've taken their Lems. 

I'd be lying if I said we weren't jealous, but I want to commend you guys for getting our Lems seen and noticed throughout the world. Check out all the places they've been! 

Working for Change

Posted by Audrey Smith on 6/2/2016 to Travel

Jared Sternberg, owner of travel company, Gondwana Ecotours, reached out to us a few months ago regarding a partnership on an eye-opening project to support a Clean Water Initiative in the Maasai village of Engikaret, Tanzania. With that being said, each purchase of Lems Shoes using the promo code "Gondwana15", 15% of the proceeds will go towards this incredible initiative for clean water.

Van Life Q+A

Posted by Audrey Smith on 5/24/2016 to Travel
Lems brand ambassador, William Woodward, took a trip around North America with nothing but he, himself and whatever he could fit into his van. Talk about a minimalism right there. Check out our Q+A with him to hear more about his travels! 

Adventure Gear Giveaway!!!

Posted by Audrey Smith on 5/16/2016 to Cool Stuff

National Foot Health Awareness Month

Posted by Audrey Smith on 4/12/2016 to Foot Health
April officially marks National Foot Health Awareness Month - which means it's about that time to get those feet of yours back into shape. 

Mariner Sonora Release

Posted by Audrey Smith on 4/6/2016 to Mariner

Tomorrow, Thursday April 7, we will be releasing our all new and improved Mariner (Gen. 2) in color Sonora! As the weather warms up, this new and improved Mariner style will without a doubt leave your feet happy and healthy.