Van Life Q+A

Posted by Audrey Smith on 5/24/2016 to Travel
Lems brand ambassador, William Woodward, took a trip around North America with nothing but he, himself and whatever he could fit into his van. Talk about a minimalism right there. Check out our Q+A with him to hear more about his travels! 

Adventure Gear Giveaway!!!

Posted by Audrey Smith on 5/16/2016 to Cool Stuff

National Foot Health Awareness Month

Posted by Audrey Smith on 4/12/2016 to Foot Health
April officially marks National Foot Health Awareness Month - which means it's about that time to get those feet of yours back into shape. 

Mariner Sonora Release

Posted by Audrey Smith on 4/6/2016 to Mariner

Tomorrow, Thursday April 7, we will be releasing our all new and improved Mariner (Gen. 2) in color Sonora! As the weather warms up, this new and improved Mariner style will without a doubt leave your feet happy and healthy. 

April Fools Day

Posted by Audrey Smith on 3/31/2016 to Cool Stuff
If we're going to be honest here, a part of me is a little worried about coming into work tomorrow. I mean come on, by now you should know that we're not your average shoe company...

Lems Shoes Takes on Zion

Posted by Audrey Smith on 3/18/2016 to Travel
Our good friend Charlie Keating took a road trip with some of his friends to Zion from Phoenix, Arizona- bringing his Boulder Boots and Mariners along for the ride.

50 Reasons Why Colorado is Awesome

Posted by Audrey Smith on 3/3/2016 to Cool Stuff
In honor of Denver officially being ranked the number one place to live in the country, I figured why not highlight the state as a whole. Coming up with only 50 reasons why Colorado is awesome was pretty difficult, considering the perks of residing here are infinite.

5 Breathtaking Hikes Near Boulder, CO

Posted by Audrey Smith on 2/16/2016 to Cool Stuff
Need to switch up your daily gym routine? Don't feel like going for a run today? Throw on your Lems and take a hike up the mountains. If you're near the Boulder area like us, try out one of these five hiking destinations. 

Huckberry Features Lems

Posted by Audrey Smith on 2/3/2016 to Cool Stuff
Two like-minded companies have worked together to come up with a solution for the ultimate end goal: spread the word about cool, new and innovative product. 

Lems is Finally in Boulder!

Posted by Audrey Smith on 1/28/2016 to Lems Staff
It's been quite the transition, but we're finally all here in our new favorite place that we can officially call home - Boulder, Colorado.

Life is Better with a Dog

Posted by Audrey Smith on 1/25/2016 to Cool Stuff
Take a minute and think who the most loyal and dedicated person is in your life. Person? That's right. Probably not a person. It's your dog. And the best accessory to your Lems. 

Realistic Resolutions

Posted by Audrey Smith on 1/15/2016 to How To Guides
Well, we're about three weeks in and where's everyone at on their New Year's resolutions? My guess is some of you are still going strong and some of you may have called it quits. Instead of making all these crazy rash "resolutions" on December 31st, why not have some attainable goals for 2016?

Mariner (Gen. 2) - Release

Posted by Audrey Smith on 1/7/2016 to Mariner
Soon to be released on Thursday, January 14th will be the Mariner (Gen.2)! This new and improved, hand-stitched, full grain leather shoe will not only look awesome, but it will leave those little friends at your feet feeling happy and healthy. 

The Best Hiking Boot I Never Knew I Wanted

Posted by Guest Blogger: Beth Hawks, Owner/Maker at Hawks Homestead, LLC on 12/15/2015 to Boulder Boot
Guest blogger Beth Hawks, Owner/Maker of Hawks Homestead, LLC, has provided her feedback on what seems to be the best hiking boot she never knew she always wanted.

Repeal Day

Posted by Audrey Smith on 12/3/2015 to Events
On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the Constitution was repealed, ending the nation's undoubtedly failed attempt at prohibition - aka banning alcohol. Clearly it didn't work then and it sure as hell would never work now.