Stem Primal 1 Slate

Stem Primal 1 Slate

Original Stem first released in 2011
Stem Primal 1 Slate
Stem Primal 1 Brown
Earth Brown
Stem Primal 1 Moss
Moss Green
Stem Primal 1 Frost
Frost Grey

Last  LemsLast™ foot-shaped
Upper  Microfiber + open-weave mesh (100% Vegan)
Sole  8.0mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
Insole  Removable 3.0mm MoistureWick
Lining  100% MoistureWick Polyester  
Stack Height  8.0mm  Drop  0.0mm
Weight  6.9oz (Sz 43)

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Try the Original Stem

The Stem Primal 1 was our very first shoe we released in 2011.  It is now discontinued, so get it while you still can!  Unlike the Leming and the Lems Primal's, the Original Stem shoes come without a removable insole, however they share the same outsole.  Please note that the sizing is different between Primal 1 and Primal 2 models.  The Primal 2 models tend to fit 1 size smaller than the Primal 1's.


Lems Shoes fit true to the USA sizing below, please do not refer to the EU sizing of other shoe brands.

Note: To give yourself additional volume in the shoe try removing the insole.  Our insoles are designed to be removable to adjust to different volume feet.  Also, when wearing with Correct Toes, we recommend removing the insole.


Q    Returns?

A   We accept returns for 45 days.  For exchanges we will actually ship out the replacement free of charge.  See our Easy Returns page for more info.

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Rating So comfortable you forget you have them on
I am a recent convert to minimalist style running. For winter weather I needed a full shoe instead of my running sandals, so I thought I would try Stems. The day the Stems arrived I put them on and after a few minutes they seemed to disappear. Light, comfortable, flexible, they were just what I had hoped for. I've logged 50+ miles running plus all the walking, but the soles show no sign of wear. If you are looking for a comfortable minimalist shoe, you can't go wrong giving Stems a try.
Reviewed by: from Connecticut. on 2/22/2012
Rating Go to Shoes!
I have had a pair of Stems since they were released. I am still in love with them. When I need a little more shoe for work or winter weather in North Dakota, they are my go-to footwear. They are super comfortable and almost wide enough for my freakishly wide foot! What I think makes them better than other "barefoot shoe" is they are easy on/easy off. I get to the office - off they go. When I need them back on, I just slip into them - no aligning toes into their correct place.
Reviewed by: from Minot, ND. on 2/16/2012
Rating Most Comfy Barefoot Shoe!
I just got these today and think they are brilliant, I have tried 4 different kinds of barefoot shoes and these are the most comfortable, soft, flexible and kind to the soles of my feet. The weird thing is that I have big feet and when I took these out of the box I thought they looked too small, but they were fine, plenty of room. I would give them 5 stars, but since I've only worn them a day I don't know how long they will last, if they make it past 6 months, i'll give them another star.
Reviewed by: from Santa Cruz. on 2/10/2012
Rating My Favorite Shoe!
These are by far my favorite shoe. I wear them to work every day, they are extremely comfortable and light. I have gotten a few trail runs in with them and I was very pleased with the responsiveness on rough terrain. It is great to finally find a zero drop, minimalist shoe that does not bruise my feet on rocky trails. These will be my go-to shoes for everthing but road running and ultras.
Reviewed by: from South Carolina. on 2/10/2012
Rating Winter / Social Survival
This is the only way to have warm feet while you still have all the benefits you would have had if you could go barefoot. I also have to wear shoes to work - but with my Stems, it is like going to work barefoot. I think of them as my Emperor's New Clothes - everybody thinks I am wearing shoes, but I am really going barefoot!
Reviewed by: from Twin Cities, Minnesota. on 2/10/2012
Rating Freakin' Awesome!
Man, I love my Stems. I wear them every chance I get and wish they had a "dress up" pair I could wear to work. Like another reviewer, I've experienced some thread/seam issues, but I'm not parting with them for a return. I'll just deal with it until I have to do something about it. I credit the Stems with fixing my plantar and achilles pain. I wear them all day, every day during the weekend, as well as during some workouts. These are the best shoes in my closet!
Reviewed by: from South Riding, VA. on 2/1/2012
Rating amazing shoes
I've been wearing vibrams for a while now which always get some weird looks. I was thrilled to see a barefoot style shoe come out that looked like a shoe. These shoes are so comfortable, I literally wear them everyday. They even stay warm when I wear them in the snow in Buffalo. The only thing is, my other sport shoes are a size 11.5, so I ordered the 11-11.5 size which are a little too big. The sizing seems to be a little inaccurate but they are still some of the best shoes I've owned.
Reviewed by: from buffalo. on 1/28/2012
Rating Done Everything in Them!
Been wearing these frequently since the release over 3 months ago. I am shocked by the durability. Also, they are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I have played basketball, Crossfitted, Olympic lifted, and run in these, and they show almost NO sign of wear. The sole is the most amazing part of the shoe. The soles are super flexible & thin, yet the way the sole is shaped, particularly in the heel, it follows the perfect shape. I love them for walking as well.
Reviewed by: from vernon hills. on 1/9/2012
Rating Love 'em, but one thing
I love these shoes. I've worn them every chance I've had since they arrived on Friday (today is Monday). They're comfortable and keep me close to the ground. I'd give them more stars, but the stitching on one of the shoes has started to come undone. I threw away the box and my receipt. My wife said she can probably fix it and plus, I don't want to separate myself from these babies.
Reviewed by: from Cape Cod, MA. on 1/9/2012
Rating Wear them All The Time
These shoes felt really good out of the box, and just fantastic after breaking them in. Having put 50+ miles on them so far, they are holding up well everywhere. I am normally a 10.5 - 11, so I ordered the EU 44 and while it is a tad big, I like the toe freedom, especially when I'm at work.
Reviewed by: from San Francisco. on 1/9/2012
Rating Amazing!!!
My 1st minimalist shoes. Purchased Stem for 1 main reason, & thankfully the rumors were true - they are currently the only minimalist shoe on the market that you can expect to truly fit a 4E wide foot. Not even a “slight squeeze”, they fit 100% fine. The other reason I went with Stem is the sensible styling, no crazy colors or individual toes. Awesome toe box, no pressure or rubbing anywhere. I hear there may be a black design in early 2012, I'll be back for those. Thank you for wide shoes Stem!
Reviewed by: from Illinois. on 12/24/2011
Rating Muy bueno
For years I've tried the various "minimalist" shoes on the market and even tried to make some huaraches. Feh. Nothing worked well. I had despaired of finding walking/running shoes I considered (1) truly minimalist and (2) comfortable. Then along comes Stem Footwear. The gods of running have smiled upon mankind. These bloody shoes are so danged comfortable I've given all my other shoes to Goodwill. Ooh-rah!
Reviewed by: from Southwest Texas. on 12/3/2011
Rating my second pair
Ordered "survival origins," tried them on, immediately went online and ordered "primal origins." Same shoe, different color. Fantastic for anything dry. Good groundfeel, wide but not too wide (important if you hate clown shoes), and most importantly superior comfort compared to any other minimalist shoe I've owned--Soft Stars, Vibrams, and Vivobarefoot.
Reviewed by: from CA. on 11/23/2011
Rating Not for warm weather
A great looking shoe (looks better than in the photos), super confortable, wide toe box but a tad on the warmside. My feet start to sweat when external temperatures are above 15ºC. Great autumn-winter-spring shoe when it is dry outside. Decent groundfeel with 6-8mm sole (thicker where the lugs are).
Reviewed by: from Saint Etienne, France. on 11/19/2011
Rating house shoe
this is the best house shoe i have ever put on my feet.i cant wait to get home from work to put them on.i say house shoe but i go anywhere w/them on.i have other barefoot shoes that are not taken out any more.i will be getting another pair for sure!bring a store to my city soon.
Reviewed by: from overland park,ks. on 11/16/2011
Rating You won't be disappointed
My Primal Origins are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. They're so lightweight it's like walking around in house shoes. The quality construction & wide toebox makes this shoe perfect for walking, running, or just plain casual wear. Like the title won't be disappointed.
Reviewed by: from Alabama. on 11/9/2011
Rating Amazing
Seriously good shoes.Extremely light, very comfortable and loads of room for your toes. These are the first pair of shoes I can wear for the whole day and not look forward to taking off!
Reviewed by: from London, UK. on 11/4/2011
Rating Connected
I really love these shoes - they give the feeling of the ground but allow me to remain respectable at work. I've worn them walking all day around a city and also walking in the woods. They're not much fun in the autumn rain (your feet get very wet) so I think I'll have to give them up for winter, but I'll be excited to get them out again in the spring!
Reviewed by: from williamstown. on 10/27/2011
Rating Coach
I really like the shoes. While I prefer to go barefoot, these offer a great alternative when I have to wear shoes.
Reviewed by: from Arizona. on 10/25/2011
Rating Mr.
I've been a pure vff wearer for the past couple years now, and I find these shoes to be at least as comfortable. Certainly the best non-vff barefoot shoe out there.
Reviewed by: from Florida . on 10/24/2011
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