Stem Primal 1 Frost

Stem Primal 1 Frost

Original Stem first released in 2011
Stem Primal 1 Frost
Frost Grey
Stem Primal 1 Slate
Stem Primal 1 Brown
Earth Brown
Stem Primal 1 Moss
Moss Green
Sold out of your size? 
Primal 1's are now discontinued.

*$9.95 for one pair shipped in USA
*$24.95 for one pair shipped international

Last  LemsLast™ foot-shaped
Upper  Microfiber + open-weave mesh (100% Vegan)
Sole  8.0mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
Insole  Removable 3.0mm MoistureWick
Lining  100% MoistureWick Polyester  
Stack Height  8.0mm  Drop  0.0mm
Weight  6.9oz (Sz 43)

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Try the Original Stem

The Stem Primal 1 was our very first shoe we released in 2011.  It is now discontinued, so get it while you still can!  Unlike the Leming and the Lems Primal's, the Original Stem shoes come without a removable insole, however they share the same outsole.  Please note that the sizing is different between Primal 1 and Primal 2 models.  The Primal 2 models tend to fit 1 size smaller than the Primal 1's.


Lems Shoes fit true to the USA sizing below, please do not refer to the EU sizing of other shoe brands.

Note: To give yourself additional volume in the shoe try removing the insole.  Our insoles are designed to be removable to adjust to different volume feet.  Also, when wearing with Correct Toes, we recommend removing the insole.


Q    Returns?

A   We accept returns for 45 days.  For exchanges we will actually ship out the replacement free of charge.  See our Easy Returns page for more info.

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Customer Reviews

Rating Best shoes ever!
I've been wearing the Original Stem shoes for a couple of weeks and for the first time in many months my feet don't hurt! I wear them to work, walking and standing for 8 hours, with no pain at all in my feet, knees, or hips. I don't think I can ever wear "normal" shoes again, so I will be looking forward to new styles from Lems. Customer service is also great -- I e-mailed several questions before buying and always got fast replies. Thank you for these shoes!!!
Reviewed by: from Iowa. on 6/1/2013
Rating So comfortable
These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and the first pair with a toe box wide enough to be comfortable on the treadmill. Love them!
Reviewed by: from Maryland. on 4/17/2013
Rating Absolutely wonderful ... but order your regular size
I've been looking for ages for shoes shaped like feet that I can actually walk in. I am SO happy with my Stems! Just one caveat. Your site says women should order 1/2 to 1 size up. In the past year I've bought three pairs of shoes - one Lake, one Mizuno, one Nike - all size 43 Wide. I bought my Survival Origins in size 42 and they are actually slightly *large* on me. I plan to order a pair of Primal Origins in size 41 - two sizes SMALLER than my normal size. Anyway, my feet thank you!
Reviewed by: from Ohio. on 2/2/2012
Rating Best Running shoes ever
Thank you! I bought my husband and myself a pair of the Stems and I just say enough great things about the shoes. I am a beginning barefoot runner and decided to start with these shoes since its winter up here. We have been running in them and walking for the past few weeks and they feel really great. No fatigue either. I love them so much that I think Ill be getting my husband and I another pair as a spare. I can tell that these will be well loved and warn by the end of this year.
Reviewed by: from Michigan. on 1/3/2012
Rating Thank you!
I tried several different kinds of minimalist/barefoot shoes before I found Stem Footwear through the As I was removing my Primal Origins from the box I knew these were what I'd been looking for. I've never had a pair of shoes that felt this good! Thank you for these comfortable and good looking shoes that allow my feet move freely but still stay protected from the elements! I've since ordered a pair of the Survival Origins and I'm just as happy with them.
Reviewed by: from Fairfax, VA. on 11/23/2011
Rating Most Comfy Shoes Ever
The most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Stem shoes fit without feeling snug or having pressure points and the sole enables you to feel the ground very well. I've tried Merrell gloves and a few Vivobarefoot shoes, but none were as comfortable overall. The others have soles that achieve the barefoot feel, but the shoe part was stiff or confining. I wear these every chance I get.
Reviewed by: from Virginia. on 11/12/2011
Rating My favourite shoes
Recently received my primal origins shoes and I love them. I stopped wearing closed in shoes a couple of months ago and I love that I can wiggle my toes in these shoes - I do it all the time. It's also great that I can wear them without socks. Just wish they were available in black so I could get away with wearing them to work. Also love wearing them with my Injinii socks. Don't think I will ever be able to go back to the regular kind.
Reviewed by: from Australia. on 11/2/2011
Rating Loving these shoes
From the moment I put these shoes on, I did not want to take them off. As soon as I got them back to my car i put them back on. I have suffered for more than a decade with foot injuries. These shoes feel great! I definitely am getting used to the construction but I can say so far these are amazing!
Reviewed by: from Pennsylvania. on 10/28/2011
Rating Great shoes
These are my first barefoot fitness shoes, and I've been very impressed so far. The wide toe box took some getting used to, and I had to experiment a lot with the lacing to get a secure fit without my foot sliding around inside, but now I'm very happy with the fit (I usually wear an 8.5-9, and I ordered a size 40). Love the colors and build quality. Great shoes for walking, running, and lifting.
Reviewed by: from PA. on 10/28/2011
Rating Amazing minimalist shoe!
I bought my first pair as soon as they where available and have been wearing them ever since! Great quality, very true to sizing and perfect for a minimalist shoe! Thanks Stem, continue your good work!
Reviewed by: from coteau du lac québec, canada. on 10/26/2011
Rating Regular looking minimalist shoes!
What an awesome shoe! I love that my heel is sucked in to the back but my toes have plenty of room in the toe box(very generous toe box). I'm just super happy to have a pair of minimalist shoes that don't look funny. I don't mind people asking me about my VFF's sometimes I just want to fly under the radar. Only thing that would make it even better is if there wasn't mesh on it. I live in a rainy climate so water resistance is a must but I will make do!
Reviewed by: from Vancouver, Canada. on 10/25/2011
Rating Great Shoes!
I have a narrow foot but these still fit well. They are really comfortable and cushioney feeling (even though they have no cushion!), giving my feet the feeling of being wrapped like a baby, yet with lots of room for my toes. They also look cute! I wear a 9 regularly and had to buy the 10-10.5 in these. I do feel some pressure on the top of my foot when I lace it up, but that is not unusual for me and may not have anything to do with the shoe. Thanks for the great shoe!
Reviewed by: from Florida. on 10/24/2011
Rating Great shoes!
I really like these shoes. I love my VFFs but they get a bit cold in winter. I needed a barefoot shoe for walking and strength training for winter. These fit the bill w/ a large toe box for my toes to spread out and a very flexible sole. Extremely lightweight! These run very small - I wear an 8, so I ordered the 8-8 1/2, but definitely order a whole size up. I sent mine back for the next size and they are perfect! The response to the return was easy and fast.
Reviewed by: from PA. on 10/22/2011
Rating Runner (three years barefoot, 40 yrs total, many ultra distances)
I like the shoe. The toe box is wide enough to accommodate my very wide forefoot, while still hugging the heel. Have been wearing VFFs, which I like, but wanted something different while still having the ground feel. One caveat, the inside of the tab at the top of the lacing system on the left foot bothers a bit, but am hoping that wears in. The right foot is perfect. I wear a size 7 shoe and went up one size, good decision. Thanks for the support Stem. Connie
Reviewed by: from Northwestern Calif.. on 10/22/2011
Rating Great shoe
The shoes are great, lots of toe space, and light weight. Better for cold weather. Also still barefoot feeling with out getting killed by goat heads.
Reviewed by: from New Mexico. on 10/21/2011
Rating Great
Very comfortable and easy to wear. I teach martial arts and I find them excellent for mat use.
Reviewed by: from NY. on 10/21/2011
Rating Super Comfortable Shoe
I am usually a size 8, so I bought a size 9/9.5 and they fit perfect. The shoes immediately felt comfortable. I don't use them for exercise, but when I put them on I feel like running in them. So maybe I'll buy another pair just for running. Cute shoes. Super comfortable. Perfect for my slightly wider feet.
Reviewed by: from Los Angeles. on 10/20/2011
Rating Wonderful for Activities
Been using these shoes for playing ultimate, even on wet grass! Good traction and ground feel. I felt foot strain only when I'm just standing around a lot, like working in the kitchen. But wonderful for running and hiking and constant motion! The shoes are quite snug which makes it great for sports where there's constant directional changes, but when it's warm out, the feet feel hot. So I've been using the shoes mostly in cooler dry weather. Overall, very satisfied with the shoe.
Reviewed by: from NH. on 10/18/2011
Rating Love these shoes!
I am on the go none stop, and I'm always on my feet most of the day teaching health and physical education. I am absolutely in love with these shoes, cant wait to buy another pair or see more color styles to come.
Reviewed by: from New Castle, PA. on 10/16/2011
Rating Comfortable All Day at Work
I find them more comfortable without sox as they seem to "eat" whatever sox I wear. At first without sox they felt strange but now I am used to them and it feels normal. They are extremely comfortable and I wear them all day long at work and then some. The size was a perfect fit too which I was a bit nervous about. There is this bubble thing on the top where the two fabrics meet towards the center of the shoe and it looks funny but doesn't affect the wear.
Reviewed by: from American Fork, Utah. on 10/16/2011
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