Mount Monadnock and the Boulder Boot

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boulder boot on mount monadnock

As we have said time and again, it is great to make a sale, but first and foremost, we want to help people find a comfortable pair of shoes. We receive many E-mails filled with feedback (both good and bad). 
We make it a point to read EVERY SINGLE ONE. The good ones, we like to share and the bad ones, we like to address. 
After the release of the original, customer feedback and suggestions are what led to the Primal 2. 

Lems Boulder Boot Review: Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park, Whitefish, MT - 7:00 AM: The sunrise illuminates my tent as if it were an oversized Edison bulb and I begrudgingly wake from my much needed slumber. My mornings consistently start with wiping the drool from my cracked and burned lips; then, packing my gear in such a sloppy fashion that it will irritate me when it comes time to find what I am looking for later down the trail; and finally, I dress myself accordingly and slip my feet back into the Boulder Boots. At this exact moment my roaming spirit is rekindled; my anxiousness for adventure aflame. And my anticipation to see where the Lems Boulder Boots will carry me next in the day's exploration is already making this early morning that much sweeter.

Barefoot in Arizona Blog Review

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Another Review from Bdayshoes

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If you don't know Justin Owings, he's the owner of  He's the one that gets all the future VFF styles before everyone else.  Read what he thinks of Stem Footwear:  


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I've been in touch with Justin Owings, founder of since January 2011.  His site arguably has the largest minimalist shoe follower base of the entire inter-webs.  Back in May he did a review and youtube video of our prototypes.  It was responsible for gathering much of our initial steam.  About two months ago I sent Tim, one of his colleagues, one of our final production shoes.  After several weeks of testing he released his impressions.  Read it here 

Levi's Review of STEM Primal Origins

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Levi, the author of a Second Wind Reviews the Primal Origin.

Today we have the darkhorse of this review series:  a shoe called â€Å“Primal Originsâ€Â from a brand new company (these shoes donâ€â„¢t even exist yet but are available for pre-order now) STEM Footwear.

Birthday Shoes Reviews Stem Footwear

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Stem Shoes give a barefoot feel that allows for great ground feel. 
Check it out below. 

Have you heard about Stem Footwear?  They are a new minimalist footwear company birthed out of a need for more foot friendly shoes — a.k.a. shoes that have a good sized toe-box, are neutral from heel to toe, and aren't so heavily cushioned that all feeling of the ground is lost.  These are, at minimal, some of the main, most important criteria. Shoes that let your feet be feet.    - Justin Owings

Sneak Peek by Tina on Living Barefoot Radio

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Tina Dubois, a writer for the Living Barefoot Radio Show got the opportunity to try out STEM's and gave her opinion on their site  Here are some of her words.  

Review by

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The following is a review written by Nicholas, author of

I first ran across STEM Footwear last year after I read the “The World is Flat… if You Are a Foot” by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella of Two Rivers Treads and Andrew Rademacher of STEM. I had been in touch with Andrew since then and they finally delivered their first Origins samples at the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show last month. And I’m very fortunate to receive a STEM Primal Origins in my shoe size to wear test last week.
The first impression I have is: the shoe is so light, soft, and super-flexible! I have never worn a pair of shoes like this ever. It feels like a hybrid of a glove, slipper (as in ballet), and martial arts shoe, with the best of each rolled into one. And it became an instant recovery and wellness shoe for me.
The shoe is completely collapsible so I had to test it out. I rolled the shoe up from toe to heel in addition to twisting it left and right along the heel-to-toe axis – amazing flexibility. And it unrolled back to it normal shape flawlessly – no visible wrinkles or permanent folds remained.
The shoe weighed in at 6.2 ounces on my digital scales. But it sure feels lighter than that.
The outsole is a thin 6mm and allows even better ground feel than my VFF KSO! The air injection rubber used replicates skin elasticity (replicates the physical properties of human skin) and this technology is new and unique – I’m sure Andrew is patenting it
The uppers is made of a breathable air mesh and the shoe is designed to be worn without socks. No worries about sweaty feet. Worried about the toe box? The soft uppers and wide toe box accommodated my 2E wide feet with compression recovery socks – it has room to spare! The natural foot shape fit with a wide toe box makes the shoe complete.
The lacing system is comprised of a quick-release draw chord so you can put on or take off your shoes quickly and easily. This is actually better the easy slip-on like those on the New Balance Minimus Wellness or Zoot Ultra Speed because with the chord, you can get a better midfoot wrap and support. Tighten or loosen the laces depending on the activity you are performing.
There are no inserts and the stitching is seamless for barefoot wear. After walking for over 10 miles in the first two in these shoes, they do feel like an extension of your feet! I’ve since put in a lot more miles

There is no noticeable toe spring visible and if there is, the shoe is so soft and flexible that your toes have nothing to fight against. Your toes will splay and flex without restrictions.

Some closeups on the attention to details in the heel and uppers.
Here’s a video giving you a better view of the shoe than flat photographs. I took it while un-boxing the shoes.
STEM shoes also proudly incorporate the 3 R’s (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) when it comes to being green and eco-conscious.  And they started decreasing their eco-footprint with reducing – less wasted material, less excess scrap, and elimination of unnecessary material altogether. They don’t use any leather (go vegan!) but only natural grown fibers.

Who are these shoes for?

It’s for everyone who wants to get back to their roots and feel the ground again. We have weakened our feet over time with traditional shoes and thus losing touch with one of our vital senses – proprioception, the outsole-to-insole-to brain sensory feedback system. STEM believes that by strengthening the muscles in your feet, you are inadvertently strengthening your entire body.