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Posted by Andrew Rademacher on 1/4/2012

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I've been in touch with Justin Owings, founder of since January 2011. His site arguably has the largest minimalist shoe follower base of the entire inter-webs. Back in May he did a review and youtube video of our prototypes. It was responsible for gathering much of our initial steam. About two months ago I sent Tim, one of his colleagues, one of our final production shoes. After several weeks of testing he released his impressions. Read it here

Mark Hogan 7/9/2013
I recently bought a pair of Boulder Boots. This has to be the best barefoot purchase yet. I've worn them every day to work since and see no reason for anything else, short of needing my steel toes for a project or response. They are so light and flexible its like not wearing shoes! Thanks for a great product.

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