Our Missing Experience

As newborns, we are introduced to this world pure and natural with bare feet.  We are quickly fitted with socks and footies to keep our feet warm.  Then as active toddlers, we are put into our first pair of thin-soled shoes to protect our feet.  We continue to walk our way right into adolescence where we are given sturdy shoes to handle even more activity.  If we are really energetic, we might play our first sport where we are told to better equip ourselves with heavily cushioned shoes designed to handle strenuous activity.  This cycle progresses through life adding more and more cushioned, structured, supportive, and overbuilt shoes to our shelves until our feet are weak and completely dependent.

Not only have we weakened our feet, we have prohibited them from feeling the world around us.  Unintentionally, we have lost “touch” with one of our vital senses.  Nature designed our feet to feel changes in ground terrain but shoes have restricted us from feeling anything at all.  Through our traditional ways of thinking, we are deliberately missing out on this whole sensory experience.

All we have ever been taught is to keep our feet warm and protected, but what about giving our feet the chance to be strong and healthy?  By strengthening the muscles in our feet we are inadvertently strengthening our entire body, relieving many common aches and pains we once thought were normal.  We are also allowing ourselves this whole new sensory experience.   We need to learn to not only touch but listen to the world around us through our feet. 

At Lems® Shoes | we enable you to go out and fully experience your surroundings.  Lems protect your feet without restricting any feeling.  They are unlike any minimalist shoe out there.  We challenge you to try a pair and tell us about your first sensory experience.  We can guarantee it will be unlike any other.