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Nine2Fives BoomShackaLaka

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 6/4/2014

Tomorrow morning at 9AM I will happily yell it from a mountaintop that the Nine2Five's in both Black and Coffee & Cream will be available in all sizes. 

A lot of people have been anxiously waiting these two shoes and after our original failed release date of the black, we are happy that you haven't issue us an electronic restraining order of some sort. 

So again, tomorrow morning, toss those heels or your 500 dollar Italian Alfonso Meloni or Giovanni Fettuccini dress shoes out the window and give your toes something a little more comfortable for those crummy 40 hours a week.

Lems shoes 6/13/2014
Happy to hear Dobson! Thank you for the continued support!

Dobson 6/13/2014
Received my black 9to5 yesterday! They are everything that I have been waiting for, and more. Construction and materials are top notch. Lems you have once again outdone yourself. Also, I LOVE the new Lems decals you are sending!!!!! Keep up the good work guys.

Lems shoes 6/16/2014
Thanks for the kind words Joe!

Joe McMullen 6/16/2014
Wearing these is like a week at the beach.

Dennis Dickey 7/10/2014
AAAAAAAAAHhhhh! Thanks for the shoes!

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