New Year, New Designs!

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 1/13/2014

I’ve never been a good cook, but after moving back to Pennsylvania to work for Lems Shoes, I decided it was time to learn.  It was apparent that I was going to have some newly-found downtime in my life; I mean Hermitage, Pennsylvania’s social scene consisting of Biker Bars and Applebees’ is a little different than New York’s. While moving back in with my parents was a bit of an adjustment, I embraced the transition and welcomed the newly found downtime that came with living in a small suburban town.  I would finally be able to learn all of those skills that always took a backseat to bar hopping and Netflix subscriptions.  I was finally going to learn hot to widdle, restore classic cars, and become the cook that would finally win over Giada's heart.   

As I previously mentioned, besides an excellent piece of toast and a scrambled egg, cooking was never my strong point. (Simply ask my old roommates and they will admit that while they were whipping up Chicken Parmesan and Fish Tacos, I was pouring raw oatmeal, a scoop of protein, and milk into a bowl,which they would eventually deem “Slop”, stirring it up and throwing it down the hatch without thinking twice). 

So with my move back home, I decided that I would finally learn how to master the art of the kitchen. Yet, after a lemon-meringue disaster and an extremely “blackened” salmon, my hopes were diminished and just as quickly as I adopted my new hobby, I abandoned it for good.

Although my metaphor may be a stretch and simply an excuse to talk about myself, I'm gonna throw it out there: the recipe for success is a tricky one (Recipe/Success, you get it).  Just like cooking, in developing new footwear, you often start with a recipe (Ok, ok, its a shitty metaphor.. get over it).  You may know exactly what the ingredients are and exactly how to make it, but for some reason, it often turns out a little different than you imagined.    Although you have an idea of what that finished "dish" is supposed to look like, and although you are confident you followed all of the steps correctly, there often seems to be a little too much lemon or not enough salt (Yeah, this metaphor sucks). 

After several original designs: see the Primal 1 and the Original Stem shoe, I believe we have developed many styles that our customers are extremely satisfied with. The Boulder Boot has quickly become our number one seller, while the Primal 2 is in a close second.  Although there are still some sizing issues and a defective pair here and there, we have made some significant progress from when Andrew began researching footwear in 2010.  

Without all of our loyal customers who chose to take a chance on a small startup shoe company, none of this would have been possible and we cannot express our gratitude for the patience and understanding you have shown us as we aim to offer the best footwear possible! 

With that being said, the time has come to begin developing new styles in both the Boulder Boot and the Primal 2!!  Although specific details are super secret hush hush and I have been sworn to secrecy, (FYI I have no backbone, odds are that any type of bribe would probably get you all of the information I know) I can say that Andrew is currently at our warehouse in China talking with the manufacturers and getting about a dozen new samples made!! 

So if you find yourself wishing there were more options available through Lems Shoes, simply sit back and comfort yourself in the fact that those new designs and colors are comin’ in and they’re coming in hot!!!! 

If you have a suggestion, or something you would like to see in the future, feel free to comment at the end of this post and we’ll see if we can accommodate you in the future! Meanwhile, have a good week and enjoy some pictures from Andrew in China!

Entrance to the Mold Factory

Mold Machine poppin' out some new Lems! 

Outsole cutting machine in action!

Carpool Lane

Billy-the man, the myth, the outsole expert!

Susan 1/15/2014
My love runs deep for the Primal 2 and I'm quite fond of the Boulder Boot but ... insert heavy sigh here ... as I enter physical therapy for having genetically terrible calf muscles (huge and stupid tight) that have caused an unfortunate case of Achilles tendonitis, I'm forced to go back to "normal" shoes. I'm sure months from now once I get it resolved, I will be back happily in my Lems -- that is the ultimate goal. With this, I would love to see maybe a style or two of Lems that is more "transitional" in nature. More structure and support around the arch and a bit more of a heel drop (maybe 8mm). Of course this is purely selfish but there is an even bigger gap in "transition" shoes market I believe so it could be quite an opportunity too. Whatever you do -- please keep the normal, classic colors (blacks, tans, etc) Most of us poor working saps who have desk jobs - where we wear shoes all day long -- need those desperately to blend in. And don't forget us girls who like the cute shoes too -- more women specific designs would also be great.

Joseph 1/19/2014
What happened to the Lems Loafers?

Andrew Hutchinson 1/28/2014
i know you won't do it and sorry susan but no "transition" shoes please - weight distribution and it's effect on posture/health are not a matter of slightly less drop than "traditional" running shoes and achilles tendonitis will not be solved by "normal" shoes - susan, find a good pt if necessary, read steve gangemi's sock doc site and any other info you can from people who truly understand how to help. overly large calf muscles frequently develop as a compensation for weak feet/misaligned big toe etc etc so check out some of ray mclanahans stuff too - good luck

Susan 1/29/2014
Oh Ray Mclanahan is the correct toes guy - didn't recognize the name. Yes, I have and wear the correct toes at home all the time -- have for the past couple months!

Susan 1/29/2014
Thanks Andrew - know all about soc-doc (though I haven't heard of ray mclanahan - I'll look him up) and a month into PT now with a therapist who is doing insane and intense trigger point work on my terribly imbalanced calf muscles. My ankles don't physically bend correctly because of the tension, so no amount of barefoot walking would help or change this (trust me, I hate shoes, I'm barefoot all the time anyway) So getting through this part, getting range of motion first, then the work begins on developing those weak muscles. It's a process and so far I'm seeing results. In the meantime to alleviate the bone spur pain on my heel and because I just can't physically do what my foot needs to do -- a bit of a lift is what I'm wearing until that range of motion is back and the muscle balance work begins. Even the soc doc concedes transition shoes are a feasible and potentially necessary part of getting into the minimal footwear for some. Everyone is different and some need a little help getting into more healthy footwear. Regardless, I plan to be back in my Lems in a few months. And I still hope to see more girly shoes but in reasonable colors :)

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