Mens Primal 2 Black

Mens Primal 2 Black

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Primal 2 Details

Last:  LemsLast™ foot-shaped
Upper:  Microsuede + open-weave mesh (100% vegan)
Sole:  8.0mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
Insole: Optional removable 3.0mm MoistureWick foam
Lining: 100% Moisture-wicking polyester
Stack Height: 8.0mm (without removable insole)
Drop: 0.0mm
Weight: 6.9oz (size 43)
Width: 4.2-4.4" (size 43)


We here at Lems Shoes don't always wear shoes, but when we do we choose the Primal2. If lightweight (6.9oz), flexible, breathable, foot-shaped, and flat are all characteristics that you look for in footwear, than look no further than this shoe. The Primal2 is assembled using a no-sewn construction, which allows the shoe to comfortably form to the natural shape of your foot. Lightweight microsuede and open-weave mesh, allow your foot increased airflow and better breathability. The low-profile 8.0mm LemsRubber™ sole brings you closer to the ground for a more natural stride. Our LemsLast™ design, with its natural foot shape, provides you with that Feelgood Fit that we pride ourselves on. So whether at work, walking the dog, or running errands, the Primal2 is certainly the 'go to shoe' for you.
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Lems
6.9 oz
SKU: lems10
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Ultra Light Weight6.9 oz
Special Air-Infused Rubber
True Barefoot Experience
Natural Feelgood Fit
Collapsible and Packable

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Customer Review

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Reviewed by: Jeremy Smith

from Georgia on 3/31/2014

Happy Customer & Happy Feet

I was finally able to purchase the black Primal 2's. I must say, they are currently my favorite shoes. The Lems Primal2 have a great ground feel, but also a comfortable level of sole cushioning. The shoes are extremely comfortable. The uppers breath wonderfully.

Reviewed by: Chris Donnelly

from UK on 3/29/2014

Neat looking shoes

The new way of manufacture the tops been without the stitching is way better than the old Primal shoe. They do come out at least a size smaller than the old shoe and I have taken the insole out to make them fit. It would be nice if Lems manufactured bigger shoes also. The black look great with jeans very smart.

Reviewed by: Lisa

from Chicago on 3/23/2014

Primal 2

These shoes are awesome!!! They are so light weight it doesn't even feel like you're wearing shoes, it's amazing! The extra room for the toes are perfect. This was my first pair of minimal shoes and I have to say I'm sold. They are by far the best shoe I've wore. They are so comfortable and they look great. I love my lems!

Reviewed by: Matthew Goh

from Singapore on 3/21/2014


Great great shoes. Have the Primal, Primal2, Boulder Brown (but the size is a tad too small. Reminder all, order a size bigger than your true size), Mariner Sand. Have not been wearing any other shoes since. Waiting for 9to5 fact will buy them all. You'll truly, physically and mentally, feel happier when you wear them. Thanks you to all at Lems!!

Reviewed by: Rob Dillingham

from Kenai, Alaska on 1/20/2014


Love these shoes! I've been disappointed with the lack of good casual minimalist footwear until now. The first thing that really stood out when I tried mine on was the extra room at the ball of the foot--very comfortable and different than any other shoe I've ever worn. I have noticed that when walking, the laces don't stay tied very long without double knotting them but since they could be easily changed to another type of lace I didn't think it was worth dropping a star.

Reviewed by: Sebastien Meloche

from Ontario on 1/10/2014

Fantastic casual shoe!

I've been wearing it for a little over a week now, in this rather cold stretch of winter (with wool socks) and they've been fantastic. Surprising amount of grip in the sole, works just as well for running. Extremely happy with them.

Reviewed by: James Hamaker

from Paris, TX, USA on 12/31/2013

Shoes That Do Double Duty

Love 'em! I did remove the insoles for better ground feel, and they are really minimal. I wear them at the office, and on my holiday vacation, I actually took them for a four-mile run on a snow-covered trail, so they pull double-duty.

Reviewed by: Steve

from Sandy Hook, CT on 12/14/2013

Amazing for your feet!

I wear sandals a lot in the spring and summer. When the winter turns cooler I'm usually wearing boots for the duration though my feet are less than happy with the change. There's too much structure and shape. The Primal 2s are the perfect antidote. A shoe to provide some additional protection but that free and easy feeling that make my feet so happy. This is a winner of a product.

Reviewed by: Erin

from Salt Lake City on 12/13/2013


These shoes are great! My chiropractor recommended wearing a barefoot type shoe and these ones have been great. Extremely durable this far. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by: James

from Ontario,Canada on 11/24/2013


Please make a 47!

Reviewed by: Alex M

from Seattle, WA on 11/2/2013

nice option for minimalist footwear

As someone who wore the Vibram toe shoes exclusively for years I happened across these on the net and decided to give them a try. I was also hesitant to write a review until I had given them a lengthy try. Six months later, these are my go-to shoe. Tired of being known as the "toe shoe guy" these give me virtually the same feel with none of the tedious conversations or skewed looks. Ditching the insoles is recommended.

Reviewed by: Dan

from Woodstock, GA on 8/28/2013

My Favorite Shoes

I have an original pair of Stems (look like primal 1) and they've lasted longer than I ever expected. I tore a tendon in my toe and since switching to these, my feet and ankles are stronger than ever. These shoes really make a big difference in your quality of life. I highly recommend. You have to get used to them, but once you do take out the insoles and wear them full time.

Reviewed by: Michael Young

from NJ on 6/18/2013

Great Shoe

I have had a few pairs of minimalist shoes for casual wear before. I especially liked the look of these. These may very well be the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I personally removed the lining for the extra room. My initial criticism was that I didn't love the look of the mesh on top but I ate my words pretty shortly. The breathability it introduces to the shoe is great. I wear these almost every day and often ride my bike with them. You can feel the breeze come right through.

Reviewed by: Danny D

from Austin, Tx on 6/2/2013

feel the breeze!

Ordered these for work shoes and they are fabulous! Definitely more rugged/utilitarian looking than pretty but super comfy; great "ground feel" and, best if, I can feel the breeze on my toes! Only issue was the tongue of the shoe hit my ankle at an uncomfortable angle -- most likely because I have super high arches. Taking the laces out of the top hole solved this problem completely. All in all, very happy with this pair of shoes.

Reviewed by: Aron

from NJ on 5/15/2013


comfortable and insanely light-weight. Easy to put on without unlacing.

Reviewed by: Russell Gaddy

from Alabama on 3/5/2013

Nice upgrade

The all-new Primal 2's are a nice upgrade to the original Stems & their second-generation Lemings. The soles remain unchanged while the tongue is thicker & bears the Primal 2 name. The excessive stitching on the shoe has been removed & the lace loops replaced with traditional eyelets. The heel cup is more stiff & now sports the Lem logo. These are ULTRA-COMFORTABLE shoes! If you like minimalist footwear, you will NOT be disappointed in the purchase of this shoe.

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