Mens Primal 2 Black

Mens Primal 2 Black

6.9oz Lightweight Barefoot Sneaker
Mens Primal 2 Black
Mens Primal 2 Brown
Mens Primal 2 Slate
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*$9.95 for one pair shipped in USA
*$24.95 for one pair shipped international

Last  LemsLast™ foot-shaped
Upper  Microfiber + open-weave mesh (100% Vegan)
Sole  8.0mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
Insole  Removable 3.0mm MoistureWick
Lining  100% MoistureWick Polyester  
Stack Height  8.0mm  Drop  0.0mm
Weight  6.9oz (Sz 43)

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First, find the USA size that you would normally wear, then select the corresponding size in Lems Shoes.  Understand that our sizing is different than other european sizing charts, please only use our sizing chart.

Lems Shoes run true to the US Size above

Get Back to Our Origins

We here at Lems Shoes don't always wear shoes, but when we do we choose the Primal2. If lightweight (6.9oz), flexible, breathable, foot-shaped, and flat are all characteristics that you look for in footwear, than look no further than this shoe. The Primal2 is assembled using a no-sewn construction, which allows the shoe to comfortably form to the natural shape of your foot. Lightweight microsuede and open-weave mesh, allow your foot increased airflow and better breathability. The low-profile 8.0mm LemsRubber sole brings you closer to the ground for a more natural stride. Our LemsLast design, with its natural foot shape, provides you with that Feelgood Fit that we pride ourselves on. So whether at work, walking the dog, or running errands, the Primal2 is certainly the 'go to shoe' for you.


Q    Returns?

A   We accept returns for 45 days.  For exchanges we will actually ship out the replacement free of charge.  See our Easy Returns page for more info.

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Customer Reviews

Rating Joy to my Feet
Love this shoe and the whole Lems range. I have several. They are all so comfortable and durable.
Reviewed by: from australia. on 11/22/2014
Rating none
Love my Lems! When I first got my Primal 2s, that 8mm stack seemed too high. For sure, a purist wouldn't consider these minimalist. But I decided to give them a try, and I'm so glad I did; I love the fit & feel, the lightness, that great toe box, and they even look good. I even love dancing in them, and I'm super picky about shoes for dancing. Minimalist or not, whatever they are, they're great shoes.
Reviewed by: from Seattle. on 11/17/2014
Rating 1 star is kind
The Primal 2 is very poor shoe, and here are the reasons why: 1. Rounded outsole, particularly at the heel. This allows the shoe to rock from side to side, which is just absurd! 2. Overly contoured inside and outside. Every true barefoot footwear will be dead flat, not like these. 3. Excessive toe spring. Place your feet in these, stand still and normally, and notice your toes, possibly all 5 of them, off the ground.
Reviewed by: from Australia. on 11/4/2014
Rating Awesome all around
Ive been wearing the Primal 2's for a couple of months and just backpacked around Yosemite in them. The grip was superb on the slick granite of Half Dome and my knees felt great due to hiking with better posture thanks to these shoes!
Reviewed by: from San Jose, CA. on 10/24/2014
Rating Crossfit daily with them!
Love these shoes, I have tried five fingers, nanos far the primal our my favorite!
Reviewed by: from Rhode Island . on 10/19/2014
Rating Great shoes!
I bought a pair of Nine2Five shoes a few weeks ago to wear in the office. They were so comfortable, I bought the Primal 2 to wear during workouts. They are just as comfortable as the Nine2Five and I wound up wearing them everywhere.
Reviewed by: from Brookfield, WI. on 10/4/2014
Rating My toes thank you
My pinky toes have been pushed in forever by too-narrow shoes. Your shoes seem to be made to hold actual feet, not someone's idea of a foot. The shoes are very thoughtfully made, and it does often feel like I'm walking around barefoot, in a good way.
Reviewed by: from Orange County. on 9/30/2014
Rating Very Comfortable
These are surprisingly comfortable and have enough protection that you needn't worry about walking on sharp stones. etc. These need to be ordered one size larger than the dress shoes that I got (and also love). Lots of room for my toes, but snug on the heel - no heel slippage.
Reviewed by: from West-Central FLA. on 9/24/2014
Rating Best running shoes ever!
I normally run in sandals during the late winter - early fall. I've always struggled with finding shoes for the winter and I am pretty sure the Primal 2s are them! The toe box is the roomiest of all the running shoes I've tried and that includes the Altra and Topo shoes out there. These were comfortable out of the box and have gone on a few long runs. They are zero drop and have pretty good ground feel, which are major pluses. These and the black 9-5s are now my favorite shoes.
Reviewed by: from Boston, MA. on 9/22/2014
Rating A magical experience of reconnecting to the Earth
The only problem I've had is getting used to them while running cross country. Since these are the most minimal shoes I've ever used, my calves got outrageously sore after speedwork and my feet begged for mercy after running several miles of hard surfaces. This was without the insoles, however. Like any minimalist shoe, a gradual approach should be taken until those dormant muscles and tendons down there get stronger.
Reviewed by: from Florida. on 9/15/2014
Rating The ones I looked for for years
Built for functionality and for the health of your feet. I looked everywhere for that perfect pair of sports shoes and well, as cliche as it sounds, these are it. Ticks all the boxes for me :) Thank you Lem Shoes dudes!
Reviewed by: from South Australia, Australia. on 9/8/2014
Rating Student, Glassblower, martial artist
great shoes! I really appreciate the box toe, plenty of room for my toes to spread. It was the first minimal shoe I've purchased, and worked myself into wearing it every day after 3 weeks of wearing them a little at a time. I Use them during my kung fu class and glassblowing for the natural agility.
Reviewed by: from Normal, IL. on 9/7/2014
Rating xoxo
Love these shoes. Based on the fit and performance of an earlier pair I got 2 pairs of these to train for and run an upcoming half marathon. Just breaking them in now and couldn't be happier. Keep it up!
Reviewed by: from Croatia. on 8/17/2014
Rating Mrs.
This is my husband's first pair. We ordered a 44 and a 45 to ensure a good fit, but he thinks he might have been happier with a 46. He was surprised that a 46 is the largest men's size offered, as his feet are not big as men's feet go.
Reviewed by: from Rantoul, IL. on 8/15/2014
Rating Love em
This is second pair of Primals we've purchased. Got this pair for my son. He loves them! Thanks guys!
Reviewed by: from Fl. on 7/26/2014
Rating Life Saving Comfort
Both my husband and myself are now wearing only Lems Shoes. The comfort, stability and pain-free walking we now enjoy has changed our lives for the better. We are older folks in our 60's with mobility challenges. Lems are not just for the young and athletic. We highly recommend them. Customer support is fantastic.
Reviewed by: from Las Vegas NV. on 6/14/2014
Rating My shoes of choice
I purchased these shoes a few weeks ago and did not wear other shoes since. So happy to have space for my toes and a good stability for my ankle. No need anymore to remove my shoes when sitting at my desk. I ordered 9to5 black.
Reviewed by: from Switzerland. on 6/13/2014
Rating Happy Customer & Happy Feet
I was finally able to purchase the black Primal 2's. I must say, they are currently my favorite shoes. The Lems Primal2 have a great ground feel, but also a comfortable level of sole cushioning. The shoes are extremely comfortable. The uppers breath wonderfully.
Reviewed by: from Georgia. on 3/31/2014
Rating Neat looking shoes
The new way of manufacture the tops been without the stitching is way better than the old Primal shoe. They do come out at least a size smaller than the old shoe and I have taken the insole out to make them fit. It would be nice if Lems manufactured bigger shoes also. The black look great with jeans very smart.
Reviewed by: from UK. on 3/29/2014
Rating Primal 2
These shoes are awesome!!! They are so light weight it doesn't even feel like you're wearing shoes, it's amazing! The extra room for the toes are perfect. This was my first pair of minimal shoes and I have to say I'm sold. They are by far the best shoe I've wore. They are so comfortable and they look great. I love my lems!
Reviewed by: from Chicago. on 3/23/2014
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