Mens Primal 1 Moss

Mens Primal 1 Moss

Please note that the Original Stem Shoes DO NOT have an INSOLE, while the new Lems Primal 2's have a 3mm insole.

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What Size to Order

The Stem fit is shaped to the human foot and will not fit like traditional shoes. Stem Footwear is designed to fit relaxed and free. The extra wide toebox allows all five toes to move freely and splay apart. There should be a generous amount of room for the ball of your foot to spread naturally. They can be worn with or without socks. Follow the fit instructions, and read all the below before wearing:

How Stem Sizes Run.

  1. Go by our labeled US size not the EU size.
  2. If you are having trouble deciding between two sizes, we recommend you buy both and exchange the one that doesn't fit. It saves you about 8 days of delay
  3. Fits best for medium to wide feet (not for narrow feet).

How to Fit

  1. Tap your heel to the back.
  2. Your toes should fit close to the end of the shoe (less a than finger width), because it follows the natural shape of the foot.
  3. The extra width at the toebox is designed to be there.
  4. Don't worry they should not feel "snug" in the toebox like your other shoes.
  5. Don't lace tight to try to achieve a "snug" fit. This is natural fit.

Other Tips

  1. Machine washable gentle. Do not machine dry. Air dries in front of a fan in less than 2 hours.
  2. Stem Footwear can be worn with or without socks. We've found that when performing athletic activities Stem Footwear fits best without socks.
  3. If wearing socks, we recommend wearing toe socks. Click here to see what we offer ToeSox
  4. To improve healthy toe alignment we recommend wearing Stem Footwear™ with Correct Toes™ intermittently (see instructions for use.)
  5. Take off your shoes and go barefoot frequently. Barefooting is the best training to learn how to walk more natural. Remember transition slowly.

Color: Moss Green
Manufacturer: Original Stem
6.3 oz
Feature: $9.95
SKU: 1030M
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Ultra Light Weight6.3 oz
Special Air-Infused Rubber
True Barefoot Experience
Natural Feelgood Fit
Collapsible and Packable

Fits true to size labeled above.

Follow sizing above when you select your size in the drop down.

See more on sizing below left.

Returns are accepted within 30 days for a full refund. Shoe must be in original condition. Simply follow the steps below. Full return policy.

  • Step 1) Re-box with packing slip (write reason for return).
  • Step 2) Ship to our address.
  • Step 3) We will credit you.

Exhchanges for another size or color are accepted within 30 days. Shoe must be in original condition. Simply follow the steps below. Full exchange policy.

  • Step 1) Re-box with packing slip (write new size or color).
  • Step 2) Ship to our address.
  • Step 3) We will send your new size/color FREE shipping.

Customer Review

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Reviewed by: Melinda Schmidt

from Madrid, Nebraska on 6/27/2013


My husband would rate this as his 3rd most favorite shoe. What keeps it from being his favorite is that the midsole is too narrow to allow his foot to spread out and after wearing it all day, his feet hurt.

Reviewed by: R Davis

from Louisville, Ky on 1/20/2012

My Every Day Casual Shoe.

I have been wearing my Stems since September 2011. The wide toe-box, the super flexible sole, and best ground feel I have found next to walking around with naked feet make these a joy to wear. As a bonus to these great features and excellent execution, they look great too! If you are into letting your feet, joints, and legs do the job they were designed to do, I highly recommend the Stems. P.S. BEST customer service EVER!

Reviewed by: Matt

from colorado springs on 12/8/2011


Love my stems. Theyre extremely light yet provide enough support. I used to wear crocs, but these are now my everyday shoe. I'm not in the best shape but I can tell from every day use I'm strengthing my legs and ankle. It feels more natural walking. I can't wait to use on trails. The wide toe box combined with the lightness makes you forget your wearing them, The compactability is awesome and to clean them is a breeze. Thanks for making such a great shoe.

Reviewed by: Simon

from Bristol, UK on 12/4/2011

Amazing Footwear

A-mazing shoes, Awesome service! Order to delivery 8 days. Have had my Stems for about 3 months, worn them barefoot day in, day out. working, running, dancing...whatever. Rain or shine. They seem to regulate temp well, making them comfy the whole day long. Very highly recommend.

Reviewed by: Arif Qureshi

from Denham Springs on 11/8/2011

Great Innovation

Congratulations STEM! this is the most comfortable shoe ever at a great price. I have no problem recommending it to my patients. A Qureshi, MD Family Physician

Reviewed by: Jim C.

from Annandale, VA on 10/30/2011

Tried Everything Else This Is It

I have been running using "barefoot" mechanics for nearly a decade. I have tried about every minimalist shoe brand around -- Vivo Barefoot, Feelmax, Soft Star, and a number of running shoes -- but my Stems have quickly become favorite casual shoe. Comfort, style, construction, fit -- the Stem seems to have it all. By far, my favorite shoe.

Reviewed by: Mark S

from Seattle, WA on 10/24/2011

I love these shoes

This is the first shoe (minimalist or not) that fits my wide feet comfortably! They look great too, and I second the desire for a work shoe; I work in a no dress code environment, but when I need something a bit more dressy it'd be nice.

Reviewed by: Adam

from Ogden,ut on 10/23/2011


I bought these to fight the vff craze...i got a size 43, i wear a 10 and they fit great! I have about 15 miles in them now, and feel the wide toe box, unrestricting, no rubbing straight out of the box...the only problem i am having now is deciding what color i'm getting next! I also wear them to work....Make a casual shoe!

Reviewed by: ryan jarema

from montreal, quebec on 10/22/2011

most comfortable sock ever!

I was coming from my nike free runs and took a chance on the stems. I would cosider these shoes the best I have ever owned! The minute I put them on, they were like wearing my favourite pair of socks. I use them for running, but find them so comfortable, I am getting another pair for daily use. Love these shoes!

Reviewed by: Alan

from Salem, OR on 10/21/2011

Great minimalist shoe

It comes in a close second to a thin vibram soled sandal to imitating walking barefoot, and is far more practical. I can wear thin socks to keep my feet, plus my teenage daughters are happy to be seen with me in public wearing them. They come far closer to imitating walking barefoot compared to two other minimlist shoes I have tried (three if you count Nike Frees). I have not tried the vibram five toed shoes since my wife will not be seen in public with me if I wear them.

Reviewed by: Tom Hamel

from Pentwater Michigan on 10/16/2011

Happy Stem user

Love my Natural Origins. I'm totally minimalist in my footwear and these are among my favorites. I will be definitely buying more in the future.

Reviewed by: Nick L

from Warrenton VA on 10/16/2011

Best shoe/barefoot shoe I wear

I wear these shoes everywhere I go whether I'm driving, running, walking, working, exercising, climbing, (you get it.) and many other activities They fit like a glove, but better. I can fully splay my toes comfortably and wear them without socks because they feel like slippers so I hardly even notice I'm wearing them all day! (Yes all day Comfort!) All in all, I bought all three of them because I was so impressed.

Reviewed by: Brian

from Tucson, AZ on 10/16/2011

Great Shoe

My Stem Natural Origins feel great. I couldn't be happier with them.

Reviewed by: Richard Jacobson

from St George UT. on 10/15/2011

Most comfortable shoe ever.

I am a long time user of Vibram 5 Fingers shoes. I ordered Natural Origins shoe because of its looks. I wanted a minimalist shoe that I could wear around town without getting weird looks. Well, the shoe looks great but it has bonus features. It is very flexible, light weight, with excellent road feel. The shoe looks well made and it would seem to be a long lasting shoe. But the best thing about this shoe is that it is super comfortable whether you wear it with socks or bare feet.

Reviewed by: jimmy kessler

from Hurricane, West Virginia on 10/15/2011


I've had my stem for awhile now and they are amazing. At first they hurt my ankles because of the huge difference between them and my old running shoes. These shoes are amazing though, great fit and a great feel. I've even thought about getting another pair!

Reviewed by: Pierre-Marc

from Quebec, Canada on 10/5/2011

Most confortable shoe ever!

I own like every model of minimalist shoe on the market and this is simply the most comfortable I have seen yet! Best toe box ever! The color are darker than they appear on the site for the natural origin!

Reviewed by: Barefoot Rad

from Steeler Country, PA USA on 9/14/2011

Love this Shoe and Color

This is the shoe that I have been looking for for 2 years. I can't think how they can make it any better. And this color is awesome. Praises to Stem Footwear Company.

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