Mens Nine2five Coffee&cream

Mens Nine2five Coffee&cream

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Nine2five Details

Last:  LemsLast™ foot-shaped
Upper:  100% Genuine leather 
Sole:  9.0mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
Insole: Optional removable 3.0mm MoistureWick foam
Lining: 100% Genuine Leather
Stack Height: 9.0mm (without removable insole)
Drop: 0.0mm
Weight: 8.6oz (size 43)
Width: 4.0-4.2" (size 43)


Even if you’ve got a case of the Monday’s, your feet will be showing you much appreciation after slipping on the all full-grain leather oxford. Settle into that cubicle and let your feet relax, for no stylish dress shoe has ever allowed your toes so much room for wiggling and comfort ability. Well here it is you 9 to 5er, the shoe that will make that climb up the corporate ladder a cake walk.
Color: Coffee&cream
Manufacturer: Lems
8.6 oz
Feature 6
SKU: lems21
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Ultra Light Weight8.6 oz
Special Air-Infused Rubber
True Barefoot Experience
Natural Feelgood Fit
Collapsible and Packable

Fits true to size labeled above.

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Customer Review

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Reviewed by: John

from Miami, FL on 1/16/2014

Best shoes ever

I had gotten to the point where I did not want to put my feet on the ground in the morning. Pretty much all I have on my feet now are my Lems and I can walk all day without pain. I am even able to walk a bit in my bare feet once again because my feet are not getting beaten up all day by other sandals or shoes. Good job on the Nine2fives my wife got me for Christmas.

Reviewed by: Nicholas

from Minnesota on 1/14/2014

Great work shoes

I'm an instructor and use a standing desk. I'm on my feet the whole work day and really love these LEMS. I can move my toes more than ever before and they don't look funny because of it. In fact they look more like work shoes than my Leather Merrells they are replacing. I might get the other color since I like them so much.

Reviewed by: Lee Denton

from Corvallis, OR on 12/22/2013


Definitely the most comfortable dress shoes I have tried but not quite as comfortable as my Primals. This is to be expected because the leather is stiffer than the mesh. The shoes do have a strong chemical odor that gradually goes away with use. This is the reason for the 4 star rating. It would be nice if they were also available in black. If they were I would definitely order a pair.

Reviewed by: Owen Schuh

from San Francisco on 12/18/2013

great shoes

these are the best looking zero drop shoes out there. I've had them for about three weeks of all day daily wear and they seem really solid so far. I wore the Soft star RunAmocs previously (which do look like clown shoes on me). The Nine2fives are a little bit less minimal, but I appreciate the added structure and underfoot protection (more like a shoe less like a sock). The leather seamed a bit dry when I got them, so I used some mink oil.

Reviewed by: jim renno

from Frederic, WI USA on 12/10/2013


When I got these they looked to big. But they fit and feel great. I love them. The only thing is the leather top doesn't feel very durable. But, time will tell if they last. I also love the look. The most comfortable shoes I've ever had.

Reviewed by: Jay

from Louisiana on 12/9/2013

Love these

Finally a 'dressy enough for business casual' shoe that I can wear to work. They are super comfortable (I wear mine without the insoles)and I have gotten some compliments. I workout in vivobarefoot ones and altra instincts and wanted something with a zero drop for work so that I'm not ever on a heel. I would recommend hitting them with some leather cleaner oil every so often because it makes the color nice and the shoes soft. I can't wait till the black color comes out.

Reviewed by: Robin Sikes

from Atlanta Georgia on 11/18/2013

My best friend while traveling India.

Love my Boulder Boot and my coffee cream 9to5's. I wore my two week old 9to5's from the eastern shores of the US to Amsterdam them Mumbai, Goa, Chennai and Hyderabad for a 10 day tour of southern India! They still feel great and are my daily shoe I wear to the studio for work! Dusting off the well worn India soil and a quick rub down with mink oil and they look just as good as the day I first bought them.

Reviewed by: Robert Withrow

from Columbus, Ohio on 11/6/2013


I can't say enough about how great this shoe is. A little stiff out of the box, but once the leather is broken in the shoe is perfect. Great shoe for the casual dressed office! Flat and solid grounds feel that allows the foot to move naturally while still offering protection from the elements. The sizing chart was spot on for me.

Reviewed by: Mary

from NJ on 11/5/2013

9 to 5

I ordered these shoes because I needed something dressy with a wide toe box to wear to work after foot surgery . Even though they are listed as a men's shoe they look gender neutral. They have exceeded every expectation . Words can not describe how comfortable these shoes are . And so lightweight ... I hardly know I have them on! I LOVE my Lems!

Reviewed by: Thomas Brethvad

from Norway on 11/2/2013

Excellent Nine2Five

I took these shoes right out of the box and went for a 19 hrs travel/working day, and my feet felt great! Best shoe ever!

Reviewed by: Ben H

from Wisconsin, USA on 8/28/2013

Where Have You Been All My Life!

I love love love my 9to5's. When I first got them they fit a little tight and I was thinking about sending them back because I love my Primal's and these just didn't feel as comfortable. I decided to keep them and try them. Sure enough the leather stretched and now they feel great. Like they were made for my foot!

Reviewed by: John

from Chattanooga, TN on 8/21/2013

Love These!

Love these shoes! Waiting on the arrival of BLACK Nine2five's...they will take over! I MUST have them for those dressier days at the office.

Reviewed by: Dale

from Austin, TX on 8/13/2013

Leather shoe is very different from Primal

After wearing Primals every day at work since they came out, I was ready for a new look. I like the leather shoe, though it definitely needs a break-in period like all leather shoes. Blisters are likely at first. I wish it were slightly darker, but being leather, tint is probably adjustable with polish. The shoe looks great!

Reviewed by: Frank

from Portland, OR on 8/1/2013

My Fav!

When I first saw pictures of this shoe my expectations were high. I've been waiting a looong time for a shoe that I can wear to the office that gives we the same comfort as my fivefingers. When the Nine2five arrived and I put it on, it not only met my expectations, it exceeded them! Thanks Lems!

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