Mens Nine2five Black

Mens Nine2five Black

8.6 oz. Lightweight Oxford. Full-grain leather can be polished for a shine.
Mens Nine2five Black
Mens Nine2five Coffee&cream
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*$9.95 for one pair shipped in USA
*$24.95 for one pair shipped international

Last  LemsLast™ foot-shaped
Upper  100% Oiled Full-Grain leather
Sole  9.0mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
Insole  Removable 3.0mm MoistureWick
Lining  100% Genuine leather  
Stack Height  9.0mm  Drop  0.0mm
Weight  8.6oz (Sz 43)

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First, find the USA size that you would normally wear, then select the corresponding size in Lems Shoes.  Understand that our sizing is different than other european sizing charts, please only use our sizing chart.

Lems Shoes run true to the US Size above

Dress Shoes Don't have to be Uncomfortable

Even if you’ve got a case of the Monday’s, your feet will be showing you much appreciation after slipping on the all full-grain leather oxford. Settle into that cubicle and let your feet relax, for no stylish dress shoe has ever allowed your toes so much room for wiggling and comfort ability. Well here it is you 9 to 5er, the shoe that will make that climb up the corporate ladder a cake walk.


Q    Returns?

A   We accept returns for 45 days.  For exchanges we will actually ship out the replacement free of charge.  See our Easy Returns page for more info.

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Customer Reviews

Rating Glad I bought them...
The shoes are comfortable. In part because the wide toe box is helpful for people whose toes need to move back into a healthy position.
Reviewed by: from New York City. on 9/28/2014
Rating Flight Attendant
I've been looking for minimalist shoes I can wear to work since my Vivobarefoot shoes didn't last. These seem to be more durable and they're definitely better looking.
Reviewed by: from New York City. on 9/12/2014
Rating Very comfortable
I liked the looks of the Nine2Five model but I was apprehensive about buying shoes that I had not tried on first. However, since the reviews were so positive, a sizing guide was provided, and the return policy was simple, I decided to order the shoes. I am glad I did. I have never worn more comfortable shoes. After wearing them all day, every day for a month, they still look and feel great.
Reviewed by: from Brookfield, WI. on 9/12/2014
Rating Nine2Five's get a Nine out of Five
Excellent! I love these and will continue to buy them as long as I have feet and need dress shoes! I feel that these are also a major improvement over the Boulder boot on the same sole. I love the comfort, and the styling, my only complaint is that the leather wrinkles easily and I think that including a free shoe horn with each pair would be the only thing that could improve these excellently crafted mostly water proof shoes.
Reviewed by: from Charleston, WV. on 9/11/2014
Rating Sooo very comfy
Really THE best work shoes I have ever wore. Great quality, fantastic and simple design, super comfy and most importantly these keep my feet happy! My traditional work shoes (2 pairs, italian and german for $200+ each) that I wore and bought a few years back, are now just tucked far away never to be used again. Me and my feet extend the warmest of thanks to the guys at Lems Shoes :).
Reviewed by: from South Australia, Australia. on 9/8/2014
Rating Love these foot-shaped shoes
I really like the way these shoes look, feel, and fit. Super comfortable. Great quality. One reason I'm not giving a five-star rating: the first time I wore these I had to walk about a mile in them to get to a meeting, and I ended up with a broken blister on my Achilles heel area. Somehow the combination of the shoes, my longer-than-usual walk, and my thin socks caused some friction, irritation, then small wound.
Reviewed by: from Utah. on 8/31/2014
Rating Great work shoes!
I recently took a job that required a suit and tie everyday. Having worn five fingers almost exclusively for about four years, I was worried that I would not be able to find "suitable" (pun intended) dress shoes. As a former Marine, I also wanted shoes I could polish up or even spit shine. I'm happy to say that the Lem's met all my needs. They are comfy, look good with a suit, and polish up really well.
Reviewed by: from Cape May, NJ. on 8/31/2014
Rating Fantastic footwear
After wearing various barefoot footwear for two years for leisure, i decided to look for a work wear pair of shoes with zero drop. The search took me high and low but came across the Nine2five's and have to say they are very well made, comfortable, and seem hard wearing. Very impressive. I shall definitely buy another pair when these eventually wear out.
Reviewed by: from Birmingham, England. on 8/29/2014
Rating A rarity
I started wearing casual minimalist shoes (zero drop heel, light weight, reduced cushioning) a few years ago. I began running in minimalist shoes soon after. Since then I have longed for minimalist shoes that I can wear at the office. While the Nine2five are not as comfortable as my casual footwear, they DO work at the office. It took a couple of weeks for the leather to soften up, during which I got blisters, but now I almost forget that I am wearing them!
Reviewed by: from Stockholm, Sweden. on 8/28/2014
Rating owner
LEMS are my new favorite shoes. Highly recommended!!
Reviewed by: from Ephrata, PA. on 8/19/2014
Rating I bought a second pair
These aren't as minimal as I would ideally like, but they are still a great pair of dress shoes. (The soles are a bit thick compared to Vivo soles, so they don't quite have the barefoot "ground-feel") On the other hand, they look good enough to wear with dress clothes. They are very comfortable; the wide toe-box is way better than a standard dress shoe. The laces also apply the right amount of pressure distributed across the foot, whereas some minimalist shoes have a pinch point.
Reviewed by: from Hampton, Va. on 8/9/2014
Rating Good for the suit and the feet
After Vivobarefoot discontinued their Jay loafer, I was forced to switch to "normal" shoes much to my pained and blistered consternation. Lems Nine2five has more than filled the gap - great toe box width, supple leather, casual professional appearance, and a fresh out of the box comfortable wear that I've missed! Thank you Lems!
Reviewed by: from British Columbia, Canada. on 8/3/2014
Rating what i've been looking for!
I have been looking for a foot shaped low rise dress shoe for a long time. Hope they are around for a very long time!
Reviewed by: from Denton, TX. on 8/1/2014
Rating Shoes for under a suit
A year ago I bought the Lems Primals as a shoe for under my casual clothes. Since then I've been looking for zero drop shoes for under my suit, because once you go zero drop, every shoe with an offset feels uncomfortable. 3 out of 5 days a week I wear a suit to work. The black Nine2five are suited to wear in these occasions. I wear them without insole. Without the shoe feels firm, but that's not a bad thing. I enjoy the room my toes have.
Reviewed by: from The Netherlands. on 7/29/2014
Rating actress
They are sublime, they look so cool with pants, not like sneakers at all. I love wearing them to auditions. Sure they are listed as men's shoes but who cares, will be wearing them more in the winter, so do not have to worry about rain and snow. Love them!
Reviewed by: from New York. on 7/28/2014
Rating Catholic Priest
I have been looking for black minimalist shoes that look somewhat dressy - these fit the bill perfectly! I'm very happy with these shoes, their comfort, and their appearance. Well done, LEMS!
Reviewed by: from Nauvoo, IL. on 7/28/2014
Rating A great shoe from a great company
These shoes are comfortable and the wide toe box really adds to the comfort. At the end of the day my feet aren't sweaty, which happens in most other shoes that cramp your toes. They are light and I don't even think about them while they are on, fantastic. I don't run in minimalist shoes, but I'm glad I own these. I'm happy to support a small business and I hope Lems continues to thrive. In the future I will definitely purchase all my shoes from Lems.
Reviewed by: from Madison, WI. on 7/11/2014
Rating At last!
I've been running in minimalist shoes for a couple of years. Casual wear is easy with so many choices on the market. Up to now the dress shoe has been a problem. Either too expensive or too weird looking. These looked good and at a price point I could live with. So far they have lived up to the promise. Very light. Very comfortable. Whether they are value for money will depend on how long they last. For now 100% happy! Great service too!
Reviewed by: from Cork, Ireland. on 7/8/2014
Rating GREAT shoes for work/life.
I couldn't be happier about these shoes, they're comfortable and look great. This is my second pair of LEMS and I won't hesitate to order more. Great job with the sizing chart for those of us who are tape measure inept. :)
Reviewed by: from Austin, TX. on 7/6/2014
Rating The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever!
Right out of the box, these just felt comfortable. I've been wearing Vivobarefoot for years but was looking for zero drop shoes made in the USA. These fit the bill and I'm really happy I made the purchase. I've worn them at work and my feet are not tired at all after standing for most of the day. And to top it off, they passed the most crucial test - they are spouse approved.
Reviewed by: from Brookline. on 6/24/2014
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