Mens Mariner Camel

Mens Mariner Camel

7.4 oz Lightweight Boat Shoe
Mens Mariner Camel
Mens Mariner Sand
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*$9.95 for one pair shipped in USA
*$24.95 for one pair shipped international

Last  LemsLast™ foot-shaped
Upper  100% Genuine leather + mesh side panels
Sole  9.0mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
Insole  Removable 3.0mm MoistureWick
Lining  100% Genuine leather  
Stack Height  9.0mm  Drop  0.0mm
Weight  7.4oz (Sz 43)

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First, find the USA size that you would normally wear, then select the corresponding size in Lems Shoes.  Understand that our sizing is different than other european sizing charts, please only use our sizing chart.

Lems Shoes run true to the US Size above

Ditch the Socks and Hit the Docks

Ditch the socks and hit the docks with these stylishly, breathable boat shoes.  With their 100% full-grain leather and mesh uppers these shoes allow your feet to breathe in the seashore scents without getting all choked up.  And forget the funk, because the smooth leather lining keeps the odor away.  Hook yourself a pair, and let them compliment any outfit.


Q    Returns?

A   We accept returns for 45 days.  For exchanges we will actually ship out the replacement free of charge.  See our Easy Returns page for more info.

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Customer Reviews

Rating Good, but hoping they break in soon
I like the feel of these shoes. The toe box has plenty of room and the leather has held up well so far. They walk the line right between dressy and casual, making them very versatile. The only thing I don't like is that the right shoe wears a blister in right above my heel, even with socks. Other reviews say that this wears off over time, so for now I'm sticking medical tape to that spot to give the shoe time to wear in.
Reviewed by: from Texas. on 11/24/2014
Rating Amazing Comfort
I bought these shoes after the recommendation of a medical professional, for best comfort and posture. It's a good thing that I love these shoes because I can hardly wear anything else anymore as other shoes throw my body out of alignment. They are very comfortable. Only complaint that I have is that they seem to come untied a bit.
Reviewed by: from Cincinnati. on 11/17/2014
Rating Captain
Sounded good on paper, but too much like a regular shoe to be a boat shoe. The all lether design that we know and love is bullet proof, breaks in and becomes part of you and puts you on deck even if you are miles from a boat.
Reviewed by: from Flagstaff. on 10/23/2014
Rating Boater
Reviews stated that Mariners run small so I ordered a larger size than my normal size and they fit perfectly. However, my Mariners do not look like the picture above because the tongue is much shorter exposing the top eyelet and lace. This irritates my bare foot necessitating socks, which was not my intent. I sent Lems a picture and asked if these were defective, could I get them replaced. My request goes response.
Reviewed by: from Rhode Island. on 10/22/2014
Rating Good Shoe
Very flexible and comfortable, but not as roomy in the toe box as Nine2Five.
Reviewed by: from PA. on 10/12/2014
Rating Very good, but room for improvement
Here's what I was looking for: zero drop, light, flexible, nice-looking, athletic fit. These are the best I could find, but they're not quite perfect yet. The lacing doesn't go very far up the tongue, so it's hard to get a secure enough fit that I'd feel comfortable hiking or breaking out in a run. On the plus side, the fit has gotten more comfortable as I've worn them in, they aren't high-heeled, and they're light. I've also gotten compliments on them, which is a first for me and footwear.
Reviewed by: from San Diego. on 10/5/2014
Rating Mr.
Super light, very comfortable, good looking. I am always surprised how these shoes can make my feet feel good after a long day. I am a huge fane of Lems.
Reviewed by: from Charleston. on 10/2/2014
Rating Great Minimal Casual Shoe
I was searching for a minimalist shoe that was more casual and less like a runner or a trainer. The Mariners fit the bill, these shoes are my go to, for work, for casual wear. They're extremely comfortable and they look great.
Reviewed by: from Tulsa, OK USA. on 9/11/2014
Rating Nice
I'm glad there is a comfortable, attractive, minimalist shoe that is actually shaped like a human foot. I have the Mariner and I believe they are ready for the real work. I'm glad I found this site and this shoe. Exactly what I was looking for.
Reviewed by: from Indiana. on 9/7/2014
Reviewed by: from PORTLAND OR. on 9/6/2014
Rating Not Quite Ready for the REAL WORLD
Reviewed by: from Sandwich. on 8/27/2014
Rating One of the most comfortable shoes on the market
I wear a size 14 shoe and these shoes are so comfortable that I hardly know I am wearing any shoes. One of the best Boating shoes on the market.
Reviewed by: from Upstate New York. on 8/21/2014
Rating Had to upsize but happy with final results
I had previously purchased a pair of Primal 2's. The were great so I ordered the Mariners in the same size. I had to return them and go a size larger. I tend to wear the Primals more often but both are very comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for as minimal shoe.
Reviewed by: from SW Florida. on 8/8/2014
Rating Mr.
Bought these for the large toe box, along with Correct Toes spacers for plantar fasciitis. Have had them for a few weeks now. Very comfortable! & light. Great barefoot like ground feel. There is not much cushioning in the heal, which isn't great when my heal is acting up. Bought some over the counter orthotics, which helps. Overall, very nice shoe. Which I would recommend.
Reviewed by: from Maine. on 8/5/2014
Rating Good once broken in
When I first received these and put them on, they were quite comfortable. After a few hours of wear, I encountered the rubbing issue on my heels. This persisted for about a month of regular wear, but they are now exceedingly comfortable. I have high arches, so I have trouble finding shoes that fit and am generally wary of ordering shoes online. The removable insole buys me enough vertical space to wear these comfortably. After the break-in period, removing the insoles, and a good waterproofing treatment, these are good shoes for daily use.
Reviewed by: from Ohio. on 7/13/2014
Rating Snug and take some breaking in, but very comfortable
I ordered my normal size (and the biggest they have). They fit snuggly without socks, but I would order one size larger than normal (if they made it). At first, they rubbed pretty badly on the back of my heels, but after breaking them in, they're very comfortable now.
Reviewed by: from Boulder, CO. on 7/9/2014
Rating Most Comfy shoes EVER!
I love these to bits. Super comfy without socks, really roomy, soft and plush and flexible. Loads of toe wiggle room. I must say these are the closest to wearing indoor slippers outside I've experienced. I prefer them to my Primal 2's and Boulder Boot, with the Boulder boot coming in a close 2nd place.
Reviewed by: from UK. on 7/1/2014
Rating Mr.
Simply perfect.
Reviewed by: from Columbus, Ohio. on 6/23/2014
Rating Mariner
I love the feel of these shoes and after buying the Primal 2 I wanted another pair from LEMS. The only negative I have is the Leather Material is very thin and a shiny sheet that looks plastic. Overall very pleased with the look.
Reviewed by: from CT. on 6/19/2014
Rating Great Shoes
These are definitely the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn, and they don't look bad either. Obviously, they're not the epitome of fashion, but they look presentable and are made of good quality materials. One thing to note is that they're not waterproof, although that can be fixed with something like Nikwax.
Reviewed by: from Detroit. on 6/8/2014
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