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Make Sure to Change the Sizing Chart Before You Go to Bed!!

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 5/30/2014

There once was a shoe company, let's call it "Johnny" who aimed at selling shoes that would help alleviate many problems people had with their feet, or dogs if you will.  Bunion? "No problem",  Johnny said. Plantar Fasciitis? "No problem", Johnny said.  Smelly feet? "Take a bath, but also, no problem", Johnny said.

Now Johnny sold mostly online and often got complaints that his sizing chart was confusing and a little misleading.  For example, one day a nice girl named Jane ordered a pair of shoes from Johnny after crying home to her mother that her shoes with the heel were causing her a lot of pain.  

Ruth made her purchase through Johnny's website and she excitedly awaited the arrival of her new shoes which she knew would kick ass while she dominated Double Dutch at recess.  After several days of wincing in pain from running home to check the mail, her package was finally on the front stoop.  Jane ripped open the box with extreme anticipation, threw off her painful heels, and strapped on her swell new shoes! 

"Jeepers!!" Jane yelled out.  Unfortunately, as Jane began to take a few steps in her new purchase, her foot began to slip out and she immediately realized the size she ordered was too big.  Extremely upset, but not defeated, Jane contacted Johnny who happily would exchange her order for a different size.  Although Jane was happy, she was still very upset because this meant she would have to put up with those darn heels for another week or so.  
Now Johnny did not think much about Jane's dissatisfaction and thought the problem was solved however, Johnny quickly received calls from Ruth, Better, Anne, Mary Lou, and Archibald, all requesting size exchanges.  

Although Johnny loved talking to his customers, especially Jane who sounded like a peach, he knew something needed to be done.  Johnny lie in bed night after night shifting between thoughts of what Jane looked like in person to how he could help his customers order the right size.  After sleepless night after sleepless night, Johnny had almost given up until one night, a lightbulb popped into his head.  

Johnny rode his bike all the way to his shoe stand and immediately began working.  Minutes turned to hours as Johnny was persistent on making his idea a reality.  Finally, after carefully testing from his neighbors and friends, Johnny was ready to show off his idea.  Nervously, Johnny E-mailed Jane telling her of his new sizing chart available on his website.

Jane was a little unsure, because after all, her hopes were shattered the first time around with the confusion on the sizing.  However, based on his picture on the website, Johnny was a good lookin' boy and she wanted to give him a second chance.  Following Johnny's instructions, Jane printed out the sizing chart, lined up her foot with the back of the printed chart as instructed, and placed another order with Johnny.  

Several days later, after running home each afternoon to check if her package had arrived, Jane was greeted by not only her new pair of shoes, but by Johnny who decided to hand deliver them.  Ignoring the weird boy holding her box, she tore open the package as if it were Christmas morning, tossed her old paid of shoes off her feet, and threw on the newly delivered pair that fit her feet like a glove.  

Immediately she embraced Johnny with a hug and while they skipped off to the diner for a cheeseburger and chocolate shake (two straws), Johnny received call after call of customers who were finally able to figure out which size to order.  


Mary 6/6/2014
I'be been searching for shoes like you produce!!!

Lems shoes 6/9/2014
Happy you found us Mary!!

Cho Lo Nasoir 6/12/2014
LEMS Sizing chart nails it.... just got the Boulder boots and they fit like a glove on my foot or is it a shoe on my hand

Lems shoes 6/13/2014
Thank you Cho Lo!

Patrick 9/1/2014
Love my Primals 2. Please come out with a vegan casual and vegan dress shoe. You will rock if you do.

Lems Shoes 9/2/2014
Patrick, Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking to develop new styles so hopefully we can have those vegan options for you in the near future. Until then please keep in touch!

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