In-shoe Toe Spacers

In-shoe Toe Spacers

Correct Toes - Toe spacers designed to be worn inside Stem Footwear during activity. To be worn during running, walking, and sitting to spread and strengthen the toes naturally. Also naturally cures bunions and hammer toes. World's only toe spacer that can be worn inside shoes. Great for runner's that want a healthier toe splay which improves balance, and footstrike.

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Manufacturer: Correct Toes
Feature: $9.95
Feature 6 Toespacers designed to be worn inside Lems Shoes
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Ultra Light Weight
Special Air-Infused Rubber
True Barefoot Experience
Natural Feelgood Fit
Collapsible and Packable

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Customer Review

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Reviewed by: Laura

from Boston, MA on 2/28/2014

I wear them all the time

I wear my Correct Toes as much as I can, often with a pair of socks over them to help keep them in place when I'm not wearing any shoes. The only downside I've found is that I think they're a little too big. I bought a S/M, but now the company makes separate S and M sizes. I probably would do better with the smallest size.

Reviewed by: Wiesia Wranik

from Canada on 1/3/2014

Waiting for long term effects

I have not been able to wear these during the day inside a shoe (I did not purchase Lems shoes, and it does not fit inside regular shoes), but I have been sleeping with them. It's been about a month. It feels nice. Can't say there is a lot of change, and that is about all one could expect in a one month span. I imagine I would have to wait a long time for any real effect (as in a straighter big toe). I noticed in the other reviews that someone talked about adding fabric. What does refer to?

Reviewed by: Andrew

from North Carolina on 8/28/2013

Worked for my Bunion!

I tried these after watching the video and checking out the Correct Toes website. The website says they fit perfectly in Lems Shoes and so I bought both together. It's like a match made in heaven. I wear them when I walk and it truly relieves my pain from my bunion! No surgery after-all! Yay Correct Toes.

Reviewed by: Rachel

from Portland, OR on 8/10/2013

Helped for Neuromas

I bought these for my Mom because she's be complaining about her Neuromas. Like she's stepping on a wadded-up sock. She says they're helping and that numbness has gone away. She showed her podiatrist and he loved them. I asked, "why doesn't everyone know about this!"

Reviewed by: Christian Ravera

from Ontario, Canada on 3/21/2012

Worked for me

Modifying Correct Toes for your feet is key (watch video). At first, my big toe kept slipping out, so I added material to the toe. Then, after material was added to my pinky side, my pinky hurt. I removed half the material, let my pinky get used to it, then added the rest and no more pain! I don't recommend wearing it ALL the time as it seems to modify my walking gait slightly, but definitely an important part of your healing strategy if you haven't lived "barefoot" all the way from childhood.

Reviewed by: Heidi Wilmott

from NY on 10/21/2011

Take a Chance

I can see the benefit however they did not fit my particular foot anatomy. One foot felt great the other not so great. I say give them a try-a small investment for a chance of some relief.

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