Correct Toes In-shoe Toe Spacers

Correct Toes In-shoe Toe Spacers

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Correct Toes 
These toe spacers are created by the Correct Toes company.  They can be worn inside Lems Shoes during activity.  It is recommended to remove the insole of the shoe in order create ample space inside the toe area.  Wearing Correct Toes during activity can increase the re-aligning effect of the toes back to their natural position.  They can be worn during running, walking, and hiking to spread and strengthen the toes naturally.  Also, Correct Toes naturally help reverse the affects of bunions and hammer toes.  Correct Toes are the World's only toe spacer designed to be worn inside footwear.  They're great for runner's that want a healthier toe splay to improve balance, and to properly spread the toes upon foot strike.

Re-aligning Transition Period
Correct Toes have been tested and proven by hundreds of patients to re-align the toes and straighten the big Toe, however a proper re-aligning period must be accounted for.  The time period varies based on how often and how long they are worn, and how quickly the toes of the individual responds to them.  Most individuals will notice wider spaces between their toes after about 4 weeks, when worn for several hours every other day.  For patients that are trying to straighten the big toe from the affects of bunions, the Correct Toes need to be worn regularly for several months.  Some severe toe deformities may never be completely corrected, however Correct Toes will improve the alignment of your toes when you dedicate proper time each week until you are satisfied with your new natural toe spread.

Please watch the following 3 videos to better understand your Correct Toes.  The 2nd and 3rd video come from the mouth of Dr. Ray McClanahan, the inventor of Correct Toes.


Color: Correct toes
Manufacturer: Correct Toes
Feature: $9.95
Feature 6 Toespacers designed to be worn inside Lems Shoes
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Ultra Light Weight
Special Air-Infused Rubber
True Barefoot Experience
Natural Feelgood Fit
Collapsible and Packable

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Customer Review

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Reviewed by: shelley

from winchester va on 11/20/2014

love the correc toes

I have been wearing these since I received them in mail. At first some of my toes were tender. After a few days, I am wearing them over 8 hours a day. My feet feel stable and I stand on my feet for 9 hours a day. My feet feel so much better, as well as my knees. I am so glad I ordered these, and the shoes! I am getting another pair for Christmas!

Reviewed by: Janna

from Seattle, WA on 11/19/2014

Love them, but they broke after 60 days

I have a mallet toe (4th toe) and was able to modify the correct toes so that they fit over it. I also have bunions and added padding to add extra space between the big toe and the second toe. They are extremely comfortable, and my feet definitely feel better. I wear them all day every day, but don't sleep in them. Unfortunately, after only 2 months they have broken between the big toe and the second toe. They don't seem very durable. Function: ***** Comfort: ***** Durability: *

Reviewed by: Richard Lucas

from Home on 9/25/2014


These are Excellent! There helping to give me more balance and correcting my hammertoes, bunions. I wear them during the day and are very comfortble.

Reviewed by: Marcha

from Uniondale on 8/8/2014

This Product Has Potential

I wear size 7.5 in women shoes so I purchased the medium size correcttoes. When I first put them on I notice that my pinky toes were being push too further out. I referred to the modification video and decided snipe a off the two pieces completely. Through I'm noticing a slight difference my big toes I feel like my feet can benefit more if I had a slightly smaller size.

Reviewed by: Frances Murphy

from Ontario on 4/27/2014

Good Choice

The In-shoe toe spacers fit well, are comfortable in socks, & align my toes better than individual spacers or the material kind that are supposed to flatten hammertoes, etc. I have not yet worn them all day, nor have I tried them in shoes. But so far, so good.

Reviewed by: Laura

from Boston, MA on 2/28/2014

I wear them all the time

I wear my Correct Toes as much as I can, often with a pair of socks over them to help keep them in place when I'm not wearing any shoes. The only downside I've found is that I think they're a little too big. I bought a S/M, but now the company makes separate S and M sizes. I probably would do better with the smallest size.

Reviewed by: Wiesia Wranik

from Canada on 1/3/2014

Waiting for long term effects

I have not been able to wear these during the day inside a shoe (I did not purchase Lems shoes, and it does not fit inside regular shoes), but I have been sleeping with them. It's been about a month. It feels nice. Can't say there is a lot of change, and that is about all one could expect in a one month span. I imagine I would have to wait a long time for any real effect (as in a straighter big toe). I noticed in the other reviews that someone talked about adding fabric. What does refer to?

Reviewed by: Andrew

from North Carolina on 8/28/2013

Worked for my Bunion!

I tried these after watching the video and checking out the Correct Toes website. The website says they fit perfectly in Lems Shoes and so I bought both together. It's like a match made in heaven. I wear them when I walk and it truly relieves my pain from my bunion! No surgery after-all! Yay Correct Toes.

Reviewed by: Rachel

from Portland, OR on 8/10/2013

Helped for Neuromas

I bought these for my Mom because she's be complaining about her Neuromas. Like she's stepping on a wadded-up sock. She says they're helping and that numbness has gone away. She showed her podiatrist and he loved them. I asked, "why doesn't everyone know about this!"

Reviewed by: Christian Ravera

from Ontario, Canada on 3/21/2012

Worked for me

Modifying Correct Toes for your feet is key (watch video). At first, my big toe kept slipping out, so I added material to the toe. Then, after material was added to my pinky side, my pinky hurt. I removed half the material, let my pinky get used to it, then added the rest and no more pain! I don't recommend wearing it ALL the time as it seems to modify my walking gait slightly, but definitely an important part of your healing strategy if you haven't lived "barefoot" all the way from childhood.

Reviewed by: Heidi Wilmott

from NY on 10/21/2011

Take a Chance

I can see the benefit however they did not fit my particular foot anatomy. One foot felt great the other not so great. I say give them a try-a small investment for a chance of some relief.

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