Boulder Boot Gravel

Boulder Boot Gravel

9.9oz Lightweight Packable Boot
Boulder Boot Gravel
Mens Boulder Boot Buckeye
Mens Boulder Boot Navy Stout
Navy Stout
Mens Boulder Boot Brown
Mens Boulder Boot Black
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*$9.95 for one pair shipped in USA
*$24.95 for one pair shipped international

Last  LemsLast™ foot-shaped
Upper  40% nylon + 60% leather
Sole  9.0mm LemsRubber™ injection rubber
Insole  Removable 3.0mm MoistureWick
Lining  100% Cotton  
Stack Height  9.0mm  Drop  0.0mm
Weight  9.9oz (Sz 43)

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Weighing a mere 9.9oz (Mens size 43), the Boulder Boot is arguably the lightest boot in the world. The upper is made of 1200-denier nylon and a durable leather. The whole boot is completely collapsible, great for stuffing into a pack during a hike and wearing around the campfire afterwards. There's absolutely nothing to this boot, no heel counter, no shank, and nothing stiff that would irritate the foot. If a barely-there boot is what you're in need of, look no further.


Lems Shoes fit true to the USA sizing below, please do not refer to the EU sizing of other shoe brands.

Note: To give yourself additional volume in the shoe try removing the insole.  Our insoles are designed to be removable to adjust to different volume feet.  Also, when wearing with Correct Toes, we recommend removing the insole.


Q: Is it waterproof?
A: No it's not waterproof.  We chose to leave out a waterproof membrane  because they sacrifice breathability.  The upper is treated with a DWR water-resistant coating.  When this begins to wear off, we suggest treating the nylon and leather with a spray on Scotchguard, Nikwax, or something similar.
Q: Is it vegan like the original shoe?
A: No, because the Brown colorway uses full-grain leather.  We are coming out with a Black colorway in October made of all vegan materials.
Q:  Returns?
A: We accept returns for 45 days.  For exchanges we will actually ship out the replacement free of charge.  See our Easy Returns page for more info.

Featured Testimonials

  I recently tested the Boulder Boot on a 62-mile hike through Glacier National Park.  You may be asking yourself, "If you do not market the Boulder Boot as a performance hiking/backpacking boot, why would you post a review of the product on a 6 day hike?"  Confidence - that's why.  I was confident that the Boulder Boot would be able to withstand everything a 180 lb frame with a 50 lb pack could throw its way. And I must say, the Boulder Boot not only withstood the abuse, but it far exceeded my high expectations.  Here's the link to my full review full review.

Steve Perna
Lems Shoes
Man of Many Hats

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Customer Reviews

Rating LOVE these Lems
I purchased these as a result of going through physical therapy for my knees, and needing a more subtantial shoe than a sneaker, with a zero drop-type footbed and being lightweight. They are AWESOME! I wear them even more than I expected to. Not exactly waterproof but they do hold up fine in dry snow and light-normal rain. Comfy, lightweight and cute. Happy customer here!
Reviewed by: from Seattle. on 12/10/2014
Rating in love!!
At 33, I'm finding that cute shoes aren't cutting it & I need to spend a bit more on shoes that make my feet & legs feel good. We went on a field trip to a nature center this fall & the guide my group was assigned to had the Boulder Boot & I loved 'em. I had to wait 'til they were on sale, but I finally got them. I've never had so many compliments on my shoes & they're comfortable & warm enough for walking to and from my car.
Reviewed by: from st. paul. on 12/10/2014
Rating Great boots!
These shoes are awesome. They are incredibly comfortable and stylish! The work quite well with a pair of darker jeans that I like to frequently wear. They tend to run a little small when I wear thicker wool socks but they are plenty warm without them too. I wish the waterproofing was a bit better but my feet have not been really wet in them yet. My first shoes from lems were the Primal 1s and these are quiet a worthy upgrade. Thanks for being true to the shoe and making a great product Lems!
Reviewed by: from Vallejo, CA. on 12/10/2014
Rating Awesome boots!
These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I wish they were a couple inches higher at the collar for when there is more than a few inches of snow, but they are tight enough around the leg (comfortably so) that it will prevent most snow from getting inside. But I knew all that before buying them. In every other way they are perfect for what I want. Wide toe box, flat sole, right amount of cushioning (don't expect anything super cushy) for walking and hiking, and so darn comfortable!
Reviewed by: from Indiana. on 12/9/2014
Rating Mrs.
I love my Lems! Have been wearing them in various forms for several years and have always been satisfied with the comfort and the customer service!!!!! These boots are both comfortable and durable-wouldn't wear anything else!!!!
Reviewed by: from Watkins Glen, NY. on 12/7/2014
Rating Great Shoes
These are my second pair of Lems - my first pair of boots. I got these for the cold weather and they haven't disappointed. They're pretty water resistant and very warm. My feet don't feel cold at all, which is important to me since I commute everywhere by foot or bicycle! I will buy more Lems in the future.
Reviewed by: from Hikone, Japan. on 12/7/2014
Rating Great Boots
Great 'Urban' look and feel. The tread of the sole doesn't have as much traction on the street as it would on... say, gravel, but that is only until they get roughed up a little and then they are awesome! I almost don't want to like the boots as much as I do because I 'm afraid I'll start neglecting my other LEMS!
Reviewed by: from Davis. on 12/7/2014
Rating I Love Them All
Now that I have added the boot to my collection, I wear Lems almost every day. Primal 2's for walks and light hikes. Kicked it in my Sweet Janes all summer long. Now the boot for getting around in the winter. Struggled with Plantar Fasciitis for several years. Correct toes and Lems fixed it . I'm not exaggerating: totally healed and no flare ups. Now I wear only anatomically correct shoes all the time except special occasions. Lems are the best I have found and Altra for running.
Reviewed by: from Salt Lake City, UT. on 12/7/2014
Rating Tres handsome
I have a pair of brown ones from three years ago and they have worn very well, my feet just love these bold boulder boots! L have wide feet and there is plenty of room in the toe box. I am glad to have two pairs now for snowy days, they really grip the side walk and are water resistant and I just love the gravel color too!
Reviewed by: from New York. on 12/7/2014
Rating Love These Shoes - Cute Color!
Bought these shoes about two months ago and they are now my everyday shoes!These are flexible and have a nice wide forefoot. The canvas seems to be durable, I'm planning to Scotch Guard them for extra durability/water resistance. They are super comfortable and the color is very cute (light grey on dark grey - goes great with blue jeans). Shipping was super fast and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I'll be buying Lems again!
Reviewed by: from Maryland. on 12/7/2014
Rating Toe Shoes Wearer
I usually wear toe shoes but needed something more water resistant (and warmer)for the wetter times. I really like the boots. They are just a tiny bit snug in the arch (after removing the inserts). I coated them repeatedly with Obenaufs, and the boots have been dry and comfortable. I have had a little traction issue on frozen leaves/grass, but not unusual for those conditions. I love that the sole is just a tad thicker than my toe shoes since we do a LOT of gravelly walking.
Reviewed by: from Puget Sound, Washington. on 11/17/2014
Rating Favorite Lems Thus Far!
I've had my Boulder Boot for about a year now and they are my favorite pair of shoes.I busted out a 15 mile hike up Telescope Peak in Death Valley and these boots rocked it! Never hiked that long in a minimalist boot, but the Lems held up phenomenally! I will definitely consider using these for more hiking! I want to own every color of these. Best minimalist boot - comfortable, durable, badass, and good lookin.
Reviewed by: from Las Vegas. on 11/12/2014
Rating Love affair with Lems <3
My Boulder Boots look bitchen and they keep my feet warm and dry in soggy Pacific Northwest climate. What is more, I love supporting budding business that are committed to providing sustainable and wellness-minded goods at a reasonable price. They arrived earlier than projected and I have literally worn them everyday since they arrived. They offer the perfect amount of wiggle room without feeling like I'm wearing space shoes, which unfortunately is true for a lot of other minimalist footwear.
Reviewed by: from Seattle, WA. on 11/5/2014
Rating none
I really wanted Mary Janes, but it looked on my paper like they would be too small for my feet. So I ordered big boots. After ordering I discovered how to check the print out for centimeters and saw that I could get the Mary Janes after all. A phone call the next morning got me the swap for Mary Janes, thanks guys. And now reading others' comments on boots, I am wondering if I want them as well!! Meanwhile, I did get a pair Primal 2 and find them to be clouds to walk on!
Reviewed by: from Pennsylvania. on 10/17/2014
Rating Duck
My right ankle tends to swell and new boots are a bit tight, so the first couple wears were without socks, otherwise fine. My 2nd pair of Lems, and I'm very pleased, these are Five-Star shoes!
Reviewed by: from Oregon. on 10/13/2014
Rating Interpretive Naturalist/Artist
I bought these boots because I needed a shoe that would hold up to outdoor hiking/teaching and plein air painting in cold temps. These seem to be the ticket. They are light, flexible, zero drop...basically allow me to work in a "minimal" shoe without freezing my feet. These will be my go-to boots for everything outdoors cold MN late fall to winter. The only issue I've had is hiking wet, hilly, rocky terrain they're a bit slick. But the other 99% of the time they've been fantastic boots.
Reviewed by: from Minnetonka, MN . on 10/2/2014
Rating Great Boot can't wait to get more
initially I was a little concerned about which size to get but after some emails with Steve he suggested the perfect size. The boys were comfortable out of the box and have only gotten better with each wear. I look forward to many miles and will definitely be looking at other Lems.
Reviewed by: from Columbia, SC. on 9/25/2014
Rating Awesome!
These are my 4th pair of Lems and they don't disappoint. As the creator of Altra Zero Drop shoes, I know a good shoe when I see them, and these are fabulous. They've been great so far in the winter, and I've even taken them for a couple of runs out in the snow with great success. They're crazy comfortable and they look much better in person than they do in the pictures in my opinion. Get 'em!
Reviewed by: from Orem, UT. on 2/5/2014
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